Bird Information Stranger Than Fiction



Bird Information Stranger Than Fiction

Written by Mark Bramhill

Mark Bramhill: That is BirdNote.

Novelist Kira Jane Buxton has written a number of books a few pet crow navigating a post-apocalyptic world. However whereas the premise is outlandish, her writing is filled with real-world chicken and animal behaviors:

Kira Jane Buxton: I used to be so endlessly fascinated doing the analysis. I might learn and skim and skim and get so excited. After which I might take into consideration, creatively, find out how to voice animal characters with out being trite or glib. Doing it from a spot of respect and reverential analysis. After which I might write and pepper the e book with animal trivia that I discovered fascinating.

Do you know that sparrows put the stubs of cigarettes within the lining of their nests? And it deters mites. 

[House Sparrow calls, ML 211312851]

And that crows carry out anting, which is the type of ritual the place they cowl themselves in ants. And we’re not even one hundred percent positive why they do that, whether or not it is, you recognize, to eliminate different parasites, like sort of ironic if it is an insecticide. However it’s so great to know this stuff.

[American Crow caws, ML 229089]

And so I simply needed to seek out methods to share it as a result of I keep that something I took liberties with, by way of the extra fantasy or fantastical parts of the novel, they are not half as thrilling as what’s actually taking place in nature.

[loud CAW, maybe some wing flaps?]

Mark Bramhill: You possibly can find out about Kira’s books, Hole Kingdom and Feral Creatures, on our web site, I am Mark Bramhill.


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Bird sounds offered by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Home Sparrow ML 211312851 recorded by J. McGowan and American Crow ML 229089 recorded by B. McGuire.
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