Auggie is the second giraffe to die at Dallas Zoo in a single month


One other animal has died at The Dallas Zoo, the fourth one in 2021. This time, it was a 19-year-old giraffe named Auggie, who the zoo mentioned died of age-related points.

“Sadly, we have additionally skilled one other tragic loss in our giraffe household,” mentioned the zoo on an October 25 Fb submit. “19-year-old Auggie handed away this weekend after coping with age-related well being points that led to liver failure.”

Giraffe Conservation Basis says that giraffes stay to be about 25 years previous.

The zoo’s disclosure of the loss of life was buried on the backside of their clarification relating to the loss of life of one other giraffe, Marekani, who was euthanized by the zoo in early October after struggling an unexplained damage they may not repair.

The zoo mentioned that their findings confirmed that “Marekani and some of the grownup giraffes had been operating alongside an inclined part of the habitat when one among her entrance legs planted within the floor on the prime of the incline, inflicting her leg to hyperextend. We imagine one of many grownup giraffes was then unable to cease quick sufficient, colliding with Marekani from behind — the influence of which prompted fractures to her radius and ulna.”

“The Dallas Zoo supplies probably the most naturalistic environments doable for our animals,” however “sadly, these pure environment have inherent dangers, simply as they do within the wild, the place giraffes have a 50 p.c mortality charge of their first 12 months of life.”

No matter what number of giraffes die within the wild, the zoo sidesteps what appears to be the true situation: There’s by no means sufficient area in a zoo for wildlife.

Within the wild, giraffes roam and graze in an space starting from 8 to 60 sq. miles.

On the Dallas Zoo, giraffes get 6 acres, and so they do not even get all that area. They have to share that 6 acres with a Noah’s Ark menagerie that the zoo likes to boast about. “Identical to within the wild!” Besides that within the wild, all these animals will not be cramped in collectively within the equal of a fenced-in yard.

Their Giants of the Savanna exhibit includes 11 acres complete, break up between giraffes, elephants, lions, cheetahs, impala, zebras, ostriches, guineafowl, warthogs, crimson river hogs, and African wild dogs.

However of these 11 acres, 5 are put aside for elephants — leaving 6 for the remainder.

Evaluating the numbers:

  • Within the wild, giraffes can roam 8 to 60 miles.
  • 60 miles = 38,400 acres.
  • One mile = 640 acres.
  • Dallas Zoo = 6 acres.

To be break up with a Noah’s Ark of different animals.

The zoo says that, “the Giants of the Savanna habitat can’t be made accident-proof [but] we, alongside giraffe consultants within the AZA, have carefully evaluated the state of affairs and have recognized some modifications we’ll make to assist mitigate dangers and cut back the possibilities of future incidents like this.”

Their options:

  • add substrate materials in areas that present erosion
  • set up cameras, whilst they acknowledge that “cameras wouldn’t have prevented [the Marekani] incident.”

Cameras wouldn’t stop a loss of life however cameras will enable them to test the tape for the following accident they miss, and assist keep away from what occurred with the loss of life of Marekani, which was two weeks of individuals asking “what occurred” on Fb and them not having a solution.

These different animals have died on the Dallas Zoo:

  • Marekani, a 3-month-old child giraffe, sustained a mysterious damage and was euthanized on October 3, 2021.
  • Kirk, a 31-year-old chimpanzee, died in August 2021 resulting from “shock” coronary heart illness.
  • Keeya, a 6-year-old Hartmann’s mountain zebra, died in March 2021 resulting from a mysterious unexplained head damage.
  • Subira, a 24-year-old silverback gorilla, died abruptly in March 2020, resulting from a cough, or perhaps heart problems.
  • Hope, a 23-year-old Western lowland gorilla, died abruptly in November 2019 after being on the zoo for under two years.
  • Ola, an 8-year-old feminine African painted dog, was killed in July 2019 by two different painted dogs, lower than a month after she was transferred to the zoo.
  • Witten, a 1-year-old giraffe, died in June 2019 throughout a bodily examination underneath anesthesia when he abruptly stopped respiration.
  • Adhama, a child hippopotamus, mysteriously died in 2018.
  • Kipenzi, a child giraffe, died in 2015 after operating in her enclosure.
  • Kamau, a younger cheetah, died of pneumonia in 2014.
  • Johari, a feminine lion, was killed in entrance of zoo spectators in 2013 by male lions with whom she shared an enclosure.

The zoo has additionally misplaced animals: In February they misplaced a crow known as Onyx who was a part of their so-called animal ambassador group, collaborating in a coaching session for a chicken present. He was by no means discovered.


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