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Ear illness is likely one of the most typical issues encountered in rabbits but stays severely underdiagnosed – notably in lop-eared breeds, that are particularly susceptible.

Making certain that house owners and breeders of lop breed rabbits are all conscious of this breed’s predilection for ear illness is crucial. This implies any potential rabbit house owners will be educated about illness prevalence within the breed and guarantee they’ve their rabbit insured to cowl the prices of treating such a situation. Being conscious of this illness will even immediate common veterinary checks to particularly search for this troublesome to diagnose illness. 

It’s possible lopped rabbits develop the ear pathology due to the bent ear conformation trapping wax within the decrease canal, inflicting irritation and an infection. Extreme quantities of wax construct up and migrate by a ‘path of least resistance’, usually out of the canal and beneath the pores and skin on the bend of the ear. 

This may generally be palpated as a swelling of the ear base but when wax as an alternative travels down by the ear drum into deeper buildings of the center ear there is usually a painful abscess however no seen scientific indicators. 

In contrast to cats and dogs, rabbits are not often seen scratching their ears or shaking their head, even when affected by a painful ear situation, and so house owners could also be oblivious to their pet’s struggling.

The caseous or stable nature of rabbit pus means infections can change into expansive and rupture the tympanic bulla, which is a bony shell connected to the cranium. This isn’t simply palpable on bodily examination and, as rabbits are extraordinarily good at hiding ache, extreme and painful ear illness can stay undetected.

Some rabbits develop a head tilt or facial asymmetry (see photograph) as the primary signal of an ear an infection, because of facial nerve harm. This results in contracture of the facial muscle tissue of the affected facet, the place muscle tissue tighten or shorten. By that stage the issue is, sadly, fairly superior. 

Computed Tomography (CT) is the simplest strategy to diagnose and decide the extent of ear pathology in rabbits. We’ve discovered that a whole lot of ear illness within the species is identified when CT scans are carried out for different causes. In a retrospective examine on the RVC, we discovered that 26% of rabbits having CT turned out to have ear illness and 45.5% of these identified with otitis media weren’t being scanned for ear issues particularly. 

Administration of the situation 

Administration will be medical or surgical relying on severity of the situation however, because the illness is extra more likely to be picked up when it’s extra superior, surgical procedure is the most typical intervention. Surgical procedure entails the removing of huge sections of diseased ear canal, contaminated bone and pus and wax to scale back ache and struggling in rabbits who’ve already misplaced listening to. One of the crucial widespread methods is partial ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy (PECA-BO). 

These surgical procedures are intensive and infrequently the injuries are sutured open – a method known as ‘marsupialisation’ – to permit post-surgical flushing. This method offers us the most effective likelihood at stopping the recurrence of an infection. The selection of antibiotic depends on the outcomes of tradition, and sensitivity checks carried out on surgical tissue samples (that are extra correct than culturing pus in rabbits). Flushing of the surgical websites is carried out every day for a number of weeks following the surgical procedure, which requires a whole lot of dedication from house owners.

The intermittent use of ear cleaners designed to take away wax from ear canals might assist cut back the chance – though there aren’t any rabbit-specific ear cleaners available on the market. No research have been performed into prevention methods to date.

Dr Nadene Stapleton is a part of the Royal Veterinary School’s Exotics and Small Mammals Service. She was named UK Rabbit Vet of the Yr ultimately November’s Burgess Excel Vet Awards. The hospital during which she is predicated, the RVC’s Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, was named Finest Rabbit Observe of the Yr.


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