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Phainopeplas Glisten

Written by Bob Sundstrom

That is BirdNote. 

In opposition to the muted tones of the desert, Phainopeplas stand out boldly. A slim, modern fowl with a spiky crest, the title comes from the Greek for “shining cloak.” It refers back to the male’s glistening, inky black feathers, that are set off by piercing purple eyes.  

[Phainopepla song, ML 136977141, 0:20-0:26]

And if the Greek title isn’t serving to you image it, a typical nickname may: the goth cardinal. Females are grey, and each sexes flaunt light-colored wing patches in flight.

[Phainopepla call, ML 88990931, 0:01-0:06]

Phainopeplas have an elaborate courtship ritual. At twilight, a dozen or extra be a part of to fly in a circle. Females depart the flock to shortly consort with varied males on their territories.

[Phainopepla song, ML 136977141, 0:30-0:37]

The species has arrived on the uncommon adaptation of nesting in two completely different habitats and seasons. From February to April they nest as extremely territorial pairs within the arid Sonoran Desert. From Might to July, they kind sociable nesting colonies in leafy oak and sycamore canyons to flee the summer season warmth.  

[Phainopepla call, ML 88990931, 0.01-06]

Phainopeplas feed on mistletoe within the desert, which they assist unfold, and elderberries within the canyons. They’re additionally adept at flycatching.

After which there’s that music—it simply appears to suit an exquisite, shimmering fowl.

[Phainopepla song, ML 136977141, 1:20-1:26]

For BirdNote, I’m Ariana Remmel. 


Senior Producer: John Kessler
Content material Director: Allison Wilson
Producer: Mark Bramhill
Managing Producer: Conor Gearin
Bird sounds supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Phainopepla ML 136977141 recorded by P. Davis, and Phainopepla ML 88990931 recorded by E. Pandolfino.
BirdNote’s theme was composed and performed by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler.
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