Why Is the Galapagos Penguin Endangered? Threats and How You Can Assist


Categorised as endangered by the Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) since 2000, the Galapagos penguin is without doubt one of the world’s smallest penguin species. These unimaginable animals have advanced to depend on the distinctive marine circumstances discovered within the Galapagos Islands and are the one penguin species discovered north of the equator.

Being the one endemic penguin within the Galapagos doesn’t come with out its challenges, nevertheless, and the IUCN estimates the remaining inhabitants to be simply 1,200 mature people and lowering. 


Galapagos penguins are primarily threatened by environmental adjustments and human affect. Drastic and frequent local weather occasions that scale back the density of penguin populations inside their small vary can scale back the species’ resilience to different threats as properly, comparable to illness outbreaks, oil spills, and predation. 

Restricted Nesting Choices

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Galapagos penguins favor to nest in small caves or crevices in lava rock, that are rising tougher to search out as water ranges enhance and environmental adjustments happen.

Different wild animals, like some species of marine iguanas, additionally use these rocky areas for their very own nests, competing with penguins over the few remaining spots. 

Air pollution

The diversifications that enable these unimaginable flightless birds to tolerate a hotter local weather are instantly linked to environmental circumstances.

Traditionally, the chilly currents that feed the Galapagos Islands equipped penguins and their younger with loads of sardines and different small fish throughout breeding season. When the coastal waters grow to be too heat to help fish populations (comparable to throughout El Nino occasions), grownup penguins that may’t discover sufficient to eat usually both abandon their younger or cease breeding altogether.

Since excessive climate occasions are solely poised to extend in each frequency and depth because the Earth warms, Galapagos penguin populations will proceed to face environmentally influenced threats and fluctuations sooner or later.

Environmental Variation

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Arguably one of many planet’s most well-known locations for wildlife and nature-based tourism, the Galapagos Islands are delicate to points that accompany rising customer numbers. Though solely about 30,000 individuals stay on the islands full time, the Galapagos obtain roughly 170,000 vacationers every year. 

The islands are largely protected as a mixture of nationwide park, marine reserve, and  UNESCO World Heritage Web site, however that doesn’t imply the area isn’t vulnerable to customer influence. Elements like waste administration, inter-island transportation, and rising infrastructure are creating extra stress on the setting in addition to those that handle the panorama there. 

Non-Native Predators

Launched predators like rats, cats, and dogs can threaten Galapagos penguins by direct predation or by introducing outdoors illnesses into already-vulnerable communities.

In 2005, for instance, one particular person feral cat was discovered to be answerable for killing 49% of grownup penguins over a single yr at one of many species’ breeding websites on Isabela Island.

What We Can Do

Fortunately, all the world’s inhabitants of Galapagos penguins is protected inside the Galapagos Nationwide Park and Galapagos Marine Reserve. The Galapagos Nationwide Park Service, which manages these areas, strictly regulates entry to breeding websites and makes an attempt to regulate launched predators. Along with the nationwide park, the Galapagos Conservancy is basically concerned with defending penguins and creating academic packages for locals and guests alike.


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Finding out inhabitants patterns and feeding habits stays an necessary element of saving the Galapagos penguin, particularly contemplating the anticipated shifts in island setting circumstances on account of local weather change.

In accordance with a 2015 examine, the nutrient-rich, chilly pool currents that penguins within the Galapagos rely on for meals have truly been intensifying slowly since 1982, inflicting populations to broaden northward. The analysis helped advise conservation packages to extend on the northern coasts of the islands and made a case for increasing marine protected areas there to help inhabitants progress.

Synthetic Nest Building

In 2010, a College of Washington analysis group led by Dr. Dee Boersma constructed 120 nest websites in main penguin nesting areas all through Fernandina Island, Bartolome Island, and the coast of Isabela on the Mariela Islands in Elizabeth Bay. Since then, the group has revisited two to a few instances per yr to watch and consider the standing of the penguin populations and their reproductive success.

Following an El Nino occasion in 2016, Dr. Boersma recognized over 300 adults—most of which have been skinny and coated with algae—and just one juvenile. Only a yr later, nevertheless, the breeding season proved profitable and juvenile penguins made up virtually 60% of the noticed inhabitants.

For the reason that program started, virtually 1 / 4 of all Galapagos penguin breeding exercise noticed has taken place within the constructed nests, and in some years, the constructed nests accounted for 43% of all breeding exercise. The challenge proved not solely that Galapagos penguins reply properly to synthetic nests, but additionally that they’re resilient sufficient to bounce again after vital local weather occasions when aided by conservation packages.

Save the Galapagos Penguin

  • Turn out to be a citizen scientist whereas visiting the Galapagos Islands with the Middle for Ecosystem Sentinels. This system encourages guests to add any photographs of penguins they tackle the islands to assist set up a database with data on when penguins are molting and when new penguins are born.
  • Donate to conservation organizations that concentrate on the Galapagos penguin particularly, such because the Galapagos Conservancy.
  • Observe sustainable journey in locations just like the Galapagos that depend on wildlife tourism and ecotourism.

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