Hey Pandas, What Is A Stereotype About Your Nation?



I am from america. Everybody at all times appears to imagine that we’re all chubby, love weapons and independence, silly, do not know something about different nations, impolite, and rednecks (particularly should you’re from the south like me). It is tremendous annoying as a result of that is not correct for a big portion of our inhabitants. We’re simply not seen like we’re simply because the folks with the largest voices match the stereotypes. I am actually fairly sick of it.



Weapons. Dummys. The Sports activities. Stay, Chortle, Love. EAGLES. 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅



That we’re all wealthy – no jokes about this one, even our social system is sort of superb, there are many poor of us. However that by no means appears to come back up, we be sure that we glance good to the remainder of the world.



I’ve received 2 which are actually annoying. 1: that animals are discovered roaming freely in cities, like positive should you stay in a small group, like plettenberg bay, you may see a leopard or herd of elephants roaming however ONLY as a result of theres an entire dang forest there, and the areas below safety. All animals are in zoos or parks. 2: that we communicate ‘African’ African isn’t even a language, it’s the identical as saying “oh you’re from America you have to communicate American” dude it doesn’t make sense, theres Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English and many others however nobody speaks African. (I’m from South Africa)



That we’re all poor, illiterate terrorists dwelling in a struggle zone. In actuality our nation’s made huge strides in security recently. I’m a Pakistani. We could also be going by way of a troublesome time economically, however my individuals are robust. We are going to do away with the brand new “Prime Minister” and his authorities who’re torturing folks from their palaces. Some even say the US eliminated Prime Minister Imran Khan as a result of he refused to allow them to use Pakistan for bases to watch Afghanistan. And so now now we have these criminals, who’ve stolen boatloads of the folks’s cash, in energy and again at it once more.

Sorry I digressed a bit.

! پاکستان زندہ باد


Stardust she/her 3 hours in the past

I hope your nation will get to a significantly better place than earlier than. Like to Pakistan from India


I stay in Australia and folks appear to assume we journey kangaroos to work… I want.



That all the pieces is out to kill you (they’re not). (Aside from our drop bears in fact these are out to kill you. Like they are going to actually come into your home only for blood).



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