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One other penguin joins waddle at Dakota Zoo


BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – The penguins on the Dakota Zoo have been a most important attraction since six of them arrived in September. Now, there’s one other member of their waddle.

Shay, a male African penguin from Busch Gardens in Florida, joins Banks, Doug, Joop, Divit, Ambrose, and Nick in Bismarck. He was molting when the opposite birds arrived, so needed to wait to make the journey North.

“He went by way of all types of testing, illness testing and issues, to verify he was wholesome. And after we put him again in there was barely a squabble,” stated Dakota Zoo director Terry Lincoln.

Within the wild these penguins reside in 29 colonies between Namibia and Algoa Bay in Africa. They’re extremely endangered. The Dakota Zoo makes use of a Species Survival Plan and works with different zoos throughout the nation to assist these birds within the wild. Dakota Zoo is ready to obtain two extra male penguins from Arizona earlier than welcoming feminine penguins subsequent yr.

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