TikTok Conspiracy Principle: ‘Pandas Aren’t Actual’ Is New Sizzling Declare


If you consider pandas, you usually take into consideration considered one of two issues: One, the lovable, monochromatic animal that was the topic of a 2003 DreamWorks Animation movie, or two, that track by Desiigner. The newest conspiracy concept presently making the rounds on TikTok considerations the previous — particularly, whether or not or not panda bears are actual, or whether or not, as some have speculated, they’re merely people in bear costumes.

As mentioned on this week’s episode of Don’t Let This Flop, Rolling Stone‘s podcast about web tradition, the “pandas aren’t actual” conspiracy concept has been circulating on the web in some kind for a very long time. On Reddit, as an example, a 2015 publish with the headline, “I’m pretty sure pandas are simply an especially elaborate hoax” acquired just a few thousand upvotes, with individuals speculating whether or not pandas are simply people in grownup costumes, due to how human-like lots of their actions are. Others have additionally identified odd details about pandas — comparable to that they’re carnivores that just about completely eat bamboo, or that they famously refuse to have intercourse in captivity — to underscore what they understand to be the evolutionary impossibility of their existence. 

To complicate issues even additional, there have been documented circumstances of zoos faking panda bears. As an illustration, a zoo in Taiwan was reportedly caught dying a solar bear black and white and advertising and marketing it as a panda within the late Eighties. An Italian circus was additionally caught dying puppies black-and-white in an effort to cross them off as pandas in 2014. Such incidents clearly have given skeptics ammunition to consider that panda bears as a complete aren’t actual. 


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To an extent, a lot of the discourse surrounding whether or not pandas are actual or not is tongue-in-cheek. In some respects, it’s considerably just like the birds aren’t actual meme that went viral on TikTok final 12 months, which posited that birds are literally drones made up by the U.S. authorities to spy on its residents. Because the New York Occasions reported, the meme was an in-joke that took on a lifetime of its personal and advanced right into a parody of comparable misinformation campaigns, even being cited by its creator as a approach to combat the onslaught of misinformation on-line. 

But among the discourse surrounding whether or not pandas are “actual” or not veers uncomfortably into darker conspiracy concept territory. In a single video with greater than 218,000 likes, a creator particulars her concept that pandas should not actual as a result of they aren’t documented in Chinese language historic literature (this truly isn’t true; panda sightings are documented in historical Chinese language historical past and a Qin dynasty medical journal even really useful their pelts as a menstrual therapy within the third century B.C.E., in keeping with naturalist George Schaller.) The creator then goes on to hyperlink this concept to a meme related to the baseless QAnon conspiracy concept, which posits {that a} ring of worldwide elites is trafficking and sexually abusing youngsters, proving how slippery the slope is from supposedly innocent conspiracy theories to a lot darker ones. 


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For the document, pandas are certainly very actual, and really lovable. However for extra unpacking of assorted web phenomena, take a look at this week’s episode of Don’t Let This Flop, which additionally discusses why Gen Z is canceling Elvis (once more), why you must by no means let TikTok persuade you to promote toes pics on FeetFinder, and whether or not Chris Evans is making Boston, of all locations, appear cool.


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