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World Giraffe Day is well known on June 21 yearly. The vacation was established by the Giraffe Conservation Basis (G.C.F.) as a strategy to have fun the tallest animal on this planet. World Giraffe Day takes place through the summer season solstice within the Northern Hemisphere and the winter solstice within the Southern Hemisphere. Alongside celebrating giraffes, the G.C.F. makes use of the day to boost funds for the conservation of the wild giraffe inhabitants internationally and to boost consciousness in regards to the challenges these animals face. Establishments across the globe manage occasions on World Giraffe Day to correctly have fun the vacation.

Historical past of World Giraffe Day

Contemplating that giraffes can develop to turn out to be about 18 toes in peak, it’s not stunning that people have documented the existence of giraffes for so long as we’ve had writing methods. The earliest human-made information of giraffes date again to Historic Egyptian tomb work. The Historic Egyptians valued giraffe tail hair for weaving belts and jewellery. Through the years, giraffes started showing within the writings of vacationers internationally, from Greece to China. Giraffes have been handled as beneficial royal pets, symbolizing the standing of their proprietor. Giraffes have been additionally hunted, usually for fashion-related or medical functions.

The looking and commerce of giraffes led to a pointy decline within the world inhabitants by the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. At the moment, there exist a number of completely different sorts of distinct subspecies of giraffes. The genus is split into the northern giraffe, the southern giraffe, the Masai giraffe, and the reticulated giraffe. The decline steadily continued over the subsequent few a long time. The Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature has introduced that the giraffe’s Pink Checklist standing had modified from ‘least concern’ to ‘susceptible’ in 2016.

The key causes of the giraffe inhabitants’s decline vary from the destruction of their pure habitats to unlawful poaching for conventional drugs, meat, pores and skin, and tails. In the present day, foundations just like the Giraffe Conservation Basis are working tirelessly to preserve the giraffe inhabitants and make sure that the biodiversity of the world doesn’t dwindle additional.

World Giraffe Day timeline

30 Million Years In the past

The Giraffe Branches Out

The giraffe branches out from different members of the order ‘Artiodactyla.’

1500 B.C. — 1400 B.C.

The First Royal Giraffe

Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut turns into the primary identified particular person to have a menagerie, together with a giraffe.

thirteenth Century

The East African Giraffe Commerce

Giraffe hides are provided by East African areas.


The I.U.C.N. Pronounces Hazard

The I.U.C.N. pronounces that giraffe populations at the moment are ‘susceptible.’

World Giraffe Day FAQs

How a lot is a giraffe?

Giraffes are extremely costly creatures. In case you purchase a wholesome younger giraffe, it may well simply price $60,000 or extra.

Are you able to sponsor a giraffe?

You completely can. Many organizations, just like the G.C.F., give you that choice.

What do giraffes eat?

Giraffes principally eat the leaves of the acacia tree.

World Giraffe Day Actions

  1. Find out about giraffes

    The day is particularly devoted to giraffes. Take this vacation as an excuse to study extra in regards to the animal.

  2. Discuss it on social media

    The G.C.F. runs a social media marketing campaign each World Giraffe Day. Participate in it to assist unfold the phrase!

  3. Contribute to the trigger

    If it’s inside your means, contribute to the reason for giraffe conservation. You’ll be able to both try this by straight donating to the G.C.F. or by shopping for their World Giraffe Day merchandise.

5 Cool Info About Giraffes

  1. Operating velocity

    Giraffes can run about 35 miles per hour over brief distances.

  2. Water consumption

    Giraffes get most of their water provide from the crops that they eat.

  3. Distinctive spots

    A giraffe’s spots are solely distinctive.

  4. Brief sleep

    Giraffes solely must sleep for a most of half-hour per day!

  5. Giraffe teams

    A bunch of giraffes is known as a ‘tower.’

Why We Love World Giraffe Day

  1. Giraffes are fascinating

    Giraffes are fascinating creatures. World Giraffe Day is an excuse to study extra about these light giants

  2. It’s an vital trigger

    The preservation of biodiversity is vital. The day highlights the necessity to protect the giraffe inhabitants.

  3. It’s an excuse to get cool merch

    The G.C.F. has cool World Giraffe Day merchandise out there. It’s an ideal day to seize superior attire.

World Giraffe Day dates

Yr Date Day
2022 June 21 Tuesday
2023 June 21 Wednesday
2024 June 21 Friday
2025 June 21 Saturday
2026 June 21 Sunday

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