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Consider one factor you want about your self — one thing that makes you proud.
After we be ok with ourselves, all the things can really feel good.

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However on this favourite episode from our third season, we meet a personality who doesn’t be ok with herself. There’s one explicit factor she doesn’t like. And he or she’ll do no matter it takes to alter it.

Our story known as “Rabbit’s Want.” Variations of this story initially come from West Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Voices on this episode embrace Evan Casey, Delores King Williams, Gamalia Pharms and Ryan Michelle Bathé. Grown-ups, you would possibly acknowledge Bathé from the film One For The Cash and from the NBC sequence This Is Us. She additionally stars within the BET+ TV sequence First Wives Membership, and the romantic drama Sylvie.

This episode was tailored for Circle Spherical by Rebecca Sheir. Authentic music and sound design is by Eric Shimelonis. Our artist is Sabina Hahn.

(Sabina Hahn for WBUR)(Sabina Hahn for WBUR)

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Issues To Suppose About After Listening

In our story, Rabbit learns to understand her small measurement and be ok with it. What’s one thing about your self that you just respect, and that makes you’re feeling good?

Perhaps you’re a very useful individual, and also you exit of your strategy to help others. Perhaps you play a musical instrument and all the time carve out time to follow. Perhaps you’re employed actually exhausting to maintain your room clear.

Discover some paper and draw an image of no matter it’s about your self that makes you’re feeling proud. Then, when you like, share it with us! Ask your grown-up if they’ll submit a photograph of your image on Instagram and tag us; our deal with is @circleroundpodcast.

Musical Highlight: Marimba

The marimba appears like a xylophone, however has thick wood keys. You often play the marimba with mushy mallets, and every hit produces a fast, vivid, playful sound.

In this Jan. 15, 2016 photo, the Diaz family members play the Marimba at their home in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico. (Eduardo Verdugo/AP)On this Jan. 15, 2016 picture, the Diaz members of the family play the marimba at their residence in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Mexico. (Eduardo Verdugo/AP)

The marimba originated in Africa, however is now a regular instrument within the percussion part of orchestras and jazz ensembles. As a result of the marimba’s fast, nimble, playful sound echoes the swift trickiness of Rabbit, composer Eric Shimelonis felt this instrument was a pure selection to attain this episode.

Story Transcript

NARRATOR: Every part about Rabbit was tiny. Her physique was tiny, her legs have been tiny, even her ears have been tiny! Not like the lengthy ears you see on rabbits right this moment, again when our story takes place, Rabbit’s ears have been extra like nubby, fuzzy stumps on high of her head.

RABBIT: Ugh. Why do I’ve to be so small? So insignificant? If solely I may very well be monumental like Elephant, or tall like Giraffe, or robust like Bull! Why do I’ve to be eensy-weensy, puny little me?

NARRATOR: Sooner or later, Rabbit lastly labored up the braveness to ask Earth Spirit — the creator of all of the animals — to grant her want.

EARTH SPIRIT: Rabbit! You would like you have been what now? Greater? You’re fantastic simply the best way you might be! And I ought to know. I created every animal to be particular of their very personal approach.

RABBIT: “Particular,” huh? And what’s so “particular” about me?

EARTH SPIRIT: Effectively, I particularly usual you to be one of many swiftest animals round! I additionally made you one of many smartest — possibly too sensible! All kinds of creatures have fallen to your artful tips.

NARRATOR: Rabbit shrugged.

RABBIT: (dismissive) No matter. So I’ve acquired pace, I’ve acquired brains. However severely — what good are these issues after I’m such a shrimp? Most everybody is greater than me, and stronger — to not point out what number of different animals need to eat me! I imply, come dinner time, it’s like I’m on the mistaken finish of an all-you-can-eat buffet! A snack bar! A smorgasbord! A —

EARTH SPIRIT: Okay, Rabbit. I hear you. And I inform you what. I could make you larger, however it’s a must to earn it.

NARRATOR: Rabbit quivered with delight.

RABBIT: That’s nice! I’ll do something you say! You title it, I’ll make it occur!

EARTH SPIRIT: Alright. Right here’s what you should do. You will need to convey me two issues. First, a whisker from Lion. Second, a feather from Eagle.

NARRATOR: Rabbit’s eyes grew vast. She began trembling so exhausting her whiskers have been shaking.

RABBIT: (nervous) Um, with all due respect, Earth Spirit — Lion? Eagle? These are two of the large, scary animals who need to to eat me for breakfast! And lunch and dinner and midnight snack and —

EARTH SPIRIT: Oh, I do know! I didn’t say the duty can be simple. However then, you’re a fast one, Rabbit — in physique and thoughts! You’ll determine it out. Now, hop to it!

NARRATOR: Rabbit dragged her fuzzy ft again to her comfortable burrow underground.

RABBIT: (downtrodden) Effectively, that is nice. Simply nice. I ask Earth Spirit to make me larger, and now she desires me to get Lion’s whisker? And Eagle’s feather!? All these guys ever take into consideration is their subsequent meal. How might I presumably ever —

(a-ha second, gasp) Wait a minute. ‘Their subsequent meal!’ That’s it!

NARRATOR: Rabbit’s thoughts raced as she scrambled out of her burrow. Then she bounded off to the forest… the place Lion was creeping out of his den. It was nonetheless early within the day, and he was nearly to start out his morning hunt.

RABBIT: Hey, Lion! Lion! Yoohooooo!

NARRATOR: When Lion’s gaze landed on Rabbit, he started to salivate.

LION: Effectively, hiya, Rabbit! Delivering me breakfast in mattress, are you?

RABBIT: Really, Lion, when you play your playing cards proper, I can ship you two breakfasts.

NARRATOR: Lion cocked his shaggy head.

LION: Come once more? What do you imply, “two breakfasts”?

RABBIT: Effectively, Lion, it simply so occurs I’ve heard a few top-secret approach you can also make two of me! You simply pluck out your magic whisker, poke my fur two occasions, after which voila — two Rabbits!

NARRATOR: Lion scoffed.

LION: (scoffing) I don’t have a magic whisker!

RABBIT: You certain about that? Attempt it!

LION: (pondering a second) Alright then. I’m fairly hungry, and hey — what have I acquired to lose? Apart from, you already know, a whisker?

NARRATOR: Lion lifted his paw and yanked out a whisker. Then he poked Rabbit’s fur with it, two occasions.

LION: Nothing’s taking place. There’s nonetheless simply one in every of you!

RABBIT: Hmmm … possibly you’re not doing it proper. Right here, let me strive.

NARRATOR: Rabbit snatched the whisker from Lion’s paw. However as an alternative of poking herself with it, have you learnt what she did?

Do you…?


NARRATOR: I’m Rebecca Sheir. Welcome again to Circle Spherical. In the present day our story known as “Rabbit’s Want.”

Earlier than the break, we met Rabbit. Every part about Rabbit was small, together with her stumpy little ears. So she requested Earth Spirit, the creator of all of the animals, to make her larger.

Earth Spirit stated she would grant Rabbit’s want if the swift, sly creature might convey her two issues: Lion’s whisker and Eagle’s feather.

Ever the trickster, Rabbit cooked up a plan. First, she zipped over to the forest to see LioN, who instantly wished to eat Rabbit for breakfast. However she used her smarts to play a trick on him. She acquired him to imagine his whisker is perhaps magic.

And as quickly as he pulled it out? She grabbed it from him and commenced leaping away.

RABBIT: (sound of glee) Ha ha!

NARRATOR: Lion growled and took off after Rabbit.

However the little creature was so quick, by the point Lion reached Rabbit’s burrow, she’d already shimmied by way of the slender gap, the place the large beast might by no means attain her.

LION: (growling) I’ll get you subsequent time, Rabbit. Subsequent time!

NARRATOR: Then, he skulked off to go looking and Rabbit fell asleep.

RABBIT: (loud night breathing)

NARRATOR: A number of hours later, she awoke all refreshed, nibbled some turnips, then climbed out of her burrow and bounced over to the river.

It was lunchtime, and Eagle was hovering within the sky, her sharp eyes mounted on the water beneath.

RABBIT: Hey, Eagle! Eagle! Over right here!

NARRATOR: When Eagle noticed Rabbit, the majestic chicken swooped down, her pointy talons outstretched.

EAGLE: Good afternoon, Rabbit!

(on the brink of eat Rabbit) You’re simply in time for lunch!

RABBIT: Only a minute, Eagle! For those who play your playing cards proper, I could make you two lunches!

NARRATOR: Intrigued, Eagle glided right down to the bottom.

EAGLE: Wait — what do you imply, “two lunches”?

RABBIT: Effectively, it simply so occurs I’ve caught wind of a really particular approach you can also make two of me! You simply take your magic feather, wave it over me two occasions after which — shazam — two Rabbits!

NARRATOR: Eagle scowled.

EAGLE: Puh-leeeze! I don’t have a magic feather!

RABBIT: You certain about that? Simply strive it.

EAGLE: (pondering a second) Alright then. May as nicely give it a go. I’m famished!

NARRATOR: Eagle used one in every of her talons to pluck out a feather. Then, she waved the feather over Rabbit two occasions.

EAGLE: Wait — nothing’s taking place. There’s nonetheless solely one in every of you!

RABBIT: Hmmm. Perhaps you’re not doing it proper. Cling on. Let me strive.

NARRATOR: Rabbit seized the feather from Eagle’s talon. And may you guess what she did subsequent?

That’s proper!

She clutched that feather in her fuzzy little paw and commenced scampering away!

Eagle flapped her wings and took off after Rabbit. However, as with Lion, by the point Eagle reached Rabbit’s cozy burrow, Rabbit was protected and cushty underground.

EAGLE: This isn’t the final you’ve seen of me, Rabbit! I’ve acquired my eagle-eyes on you!

NARRATOR: Then, she unfold her wings and flew away.

Rabbit waited till the coast was clear. With Eagle’s feather in a single paw and Lion’s whisker within the different, she scuttled out of her burrow and proudly confirmed her gadgets to Earth Spirit.

EARTH SPIRIT: Effectively, nicely, nicely! I’m impressed, Rabbit. You’ve succeeded in acquiring two objects from two animals who might simply swallow you in a single gulp. And also you’ve finished it simply as you might be — with nothing however swift ft and a swift thoughts!

RABBIT: Alright, already! I get it! I’m “swift”! I’m “sensible”! However, I advised you, Earth Spirit: None of that issues if I’m not huge!

(honest) Come on, Earth Spirit. You promised you’d grant my want.

NARRATOR: Earth Spirit noticed the desperation in Rabbit’s eyes, and set free a sigh.

EARTH SPIRIT: (sigh) Alright, Rabbit; a promise is a promise. Now do that on for measurement!

NARRATOR: There was a blinding flash of sunshine, then Rabbit felt a tug on her entrance facet.


NARRATOR: Subsequent, she felt a tug on her again facet.


NARRATOR: Now, her total physique was stretching and rising, rising and stretching — till she was practically as huge as a goat!

RABBIT: ( expression of shock) Holy moly! Take a look at this!

NARRATOR: Rabbit was wanting herself up and down, admiring her new, larger self, when she heard some acquainted voices.

Some acquainted offended voices.

LION: Grrrrr! There she is! The trickster who stole my whisker!

EAGLE: And my feather!

NARRATOR: It was Lion and Eagle, and so they have been quickly heading her approach.

RABBIT: Uh-oh!

NARRATOR: Rabbit’s intuition was to scamper off like she’d all the time finished earlier than. However her new, larger physique felt all out of proportion. Along with her longer, heavier legs, she was like a gawky child calf taking its first awkward steps. She might hardly maintain her steadiness.

RABBIT: (awkwardly making an attempt to hop) Woah, there! Yow! Woah! Yikes!

NARRATOR: With out pondering, Rabbit staggered to her burrow. However when she tried diving down the slender gap, as she’d finished so many occasions earlier than…

RABBIT: (making an attempt to squeeze by way of)

NARRATOR: …her new, larger physique acquired caught!

RABBIT: (getting caught) Oy!

NARRATOR: Lion and Eagle have been getting nearer and nearer. Rabbit fought to blink again tears.

RABBIT: (nonetheless caught within the gap) Earth Spirit! Hey, Earth Spirit! Pay attention! I used to be mistaken. I by no means ought to have requested to be a distinct measurement. I used to be nice earlier than. No — I used to be superior! Please!

(honest) Are you able to flip me again to the best way I used to be?

NARRATOR: Earth Spirit thought for a second.

EARTH SPIRIT: Effectively, I can’t reverse a want as soon as I’ve granted it. However there may be one factor I can do…

NARRATOR: There was one other flash of sunshine, and all of sudden, Rabbit felt herself shrinking and shrinking, till her physique was sufficiently small to slide by way of her burrow gap and escape the mighty paws of Lion.

LION: (annoyed) Aw, shucks!

NARRATOR: …and the menacing claws of Eagle!

EAGLE: (annoyed) Oh, drats!

NARRATOR: Now, Rabbit’s physique was again to its common measurement. However her ears — her previously stubby ears — they have been nonetheless huge!

You see, Earth Spirit had left Rabbit’s ears lengthy — so long as a corn cob! Not solely that, however they may tilt and switch in any course, in order that now when different, larger animals wished to get revenge for Rabbit’s tips she might hear them coming from a mile away!

Since then, not as soon as has Rabbit wished to be monumental like Elephant or tall like Giraffe or robust like Bull. In truth, she’s by no means requested Earth Spirit to alter something about her, ever.

As a result of on that fateful day, the quick-footed, quick-witted creature discovered one thing crucial: Greater doesn’t all the time imply higher. Generally, small might be better of all.


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