Life on the Seashore with Wilson’s Plovers



Life on the Seashore with Wilson’s Plovers

Written by Bob Sundstrom

That is BirdNote.
[introductory beach birds ambient with occasional Wilson’s Plover calls,, especially 0.20-.34]
Alongside the Gulf of Mexico, simply above the excessive tide line, you’ll discover undeveloped sandy flats and shallow lagoons. That is prime habitat for Wilson’s Plovers to nest and lift their chicks.
The Wilson’s Plover is a bit smaller than a robin and has a surprisingly lengthy and thick beak for its dimension.
[Wilson’s Plover calls,, 0.08-.11]
It’s a beak effectively suited to grappling with the plover’s favourite prey: small fiddler crabs that share its habitat. To catch a crab, a plover runs swiftly throughout the sand after which strikes shortly with that sturdy beak.
However life on the seaside is hard for birds. In lots of elements of its U.S. vary on the Gulf and south Atlantic coasts, Wilson’s Plover habitat is in danger. Beachfront improvement, off-road autos, dogs working free, and mechanized beach-raking are all severe threats. 
One apply that has helped different seaside birds is to put low, short-term fencing round key nesting areas. That manner, the plovers can stroll by the mesh of the fence, and their nest websites are protected inside, making life on the seaside just a bit simpler.
For BirdNote, I’m Michael Stein.
[Wilson’s Plover calls,, 0.08-.11]
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