Reptile Has Been Handled Terribly In Mortal Kombat Video games And Lore


Unlocking the struggle in opposition to Reptile within the first Mortal Kombat recreation was a badge of honor. Again then there have been no guides, no YouTube movies – simply pure luck, and ability. You needed to get two ‘Flawless victories’ with out blocking and carry out a fatality on the pit stage. Additionally, a silhouette needed to fly throughout the moon – which it did each 50 matches.

The builders have been very respectful to the reptilian humanoid at first. Although he’s among the many final of his type – Zaterran Saurian – Reptile was made Shang Tsung’s private protector in Mortal Kombat 2. They gave him his personal transfer set, which he didn’t have within the first recreation, and made him a playable character. His ending within the recreation could be very respectable too.


He discovers the sorcerer he was defending had a devious plan to enslave the remainder of the Zaterran Saurians, enters the match, defeats Shao Khan, and activates Shang Tsung so the remainder of his species can reside in peace. At first, Reptile was a badass bodyguard and secret boss struggle whose legend echoed in arcades all over the place. Reptile’s story within the second and third video games includes him defeating and killing Shao Khan. The second time was because of Shao Khan disrespecting and shunning Reptile after he adopted via on the emperor’s request to kill Kitana in Final Mortal Kombat 3.

Killing Shao Khan twice ought to give the warrior some correct cred and respect within the subsequent sequels, but it surely doesn’t. Reptile’s ending in Mortal Kombat 4 undoes all of that and regulates him to be a servant – once more. In his chambers, Reptile takes a knee in entrance of Quan Chi and begs for Shinnok to move him again in time so he can reside along with his clan. He simply defeated Shinnok – the sport’s foremost boss. Certainly that makes him worthy of a greater destiny?

However as an alternative, Reptile is denied the request, turns into indignant, and has his head exploded by Shinnok who exhibits up and cancels the deal between them as a result of he views Reptile as somebody who’s in no place to demand something regardless of the very fact he [Reptile] simply kicked his ass in hand-to-hand fight. Different characters do die in their very own endings, however none have the combating historical past of match lore like Reptile does. In Mortal Kombat: Lethal Alliance, Reptile’s ending concerned him changing into a vessel for the Dragon King Onaga. As an alternative of being infused with Onaga’s powers and changing into extra highly effective, Reptile is used as a possessed host and is changed by Onaga.

The mountain of disrespect stored rising in Mortal Kombat 9. Reptile has zero talking strains within the recreation’s story and is simply regulated to henchmen as he’s in Mortal Kombat 10. Towards all odds, this reptilian humanoid survived extinction and gained a number of tournaments solely to not be given a correct place in Outworld. He’s not a basic, he’s not a frontrunner of any type, and in Mortal Kombat 11 he’s not even a playable character within the recreation.

He’s as an alternative a personality you kill within the Krypt for forex and it solely takes one hit to take action. Reptile went from being a secret boss to a servant-henchman, to an enormous piñata. In the meantime, the ever-generic Liu Kang was killed off in Lethal Alliance however he’s now a god after the occasions of Mortal Kombat 11. The builders ought to have given Reptile a greater standing in Outworld, however as an alternative, they determined to present him the most important fall of any character within the franchise.

So let’s heap some respect on Reptile – essentially the most maltreated, unsung hero in Mortal Kombat historical past.


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