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Prions Filter-Feed Like Whales

Written by Conor Gearin

That is BirdNote.

    [ocean ambi: light surf]

Birds have some ways of grabbing a meal. They swoop, dive, peck, hop, and hover for meals. However birds referred to as prions [PREE-awns] have an particularly artistic method. They go seawater by their mouths and filter it to catch tiny animals resembling krill and different small crustaceans. It’s much like how baleen whales feed, resulting in the prion’s nickname: the whale-bird. 

    [Broad-billed Prion, ML 153841911, 0:15-0:18]

These Broad-billed Prions fly close to the floor, dipping their payments into the water. The edges of their payments have comb-like buildings. Small meals gadgets get trapped within the combs as water flows previous. In Greek, the phrase “prion” means noticed, which refers back to the fowl’s extremely specialised mouth. 

    [Broad-billed Prion, ML 153841911, 0:15-0:18]

There are seven species of prions, all discovered within the southern latitudes of the Atlantic and Pacific. Whereas some breed on frigid islands off the coast of Antarctica, others, such because the Fairy Prion, nest within the comparatively heat climates of Australia and New Zealand. 

          [Fairy Prion, ML 280191951]

All prions dig burrows for his or her nests, giving them some safety from predators. 

[Fairy Prion parent and chicks, ML 280193281, 0:16-0:19]

See pictures of prions whenever you go to our web site, BirdNote dot org. I’m Ariana Remmel. 


Senior Producer: John Kessler
Content material Director: Allison Wilson
Producer: Mark Bramhill
Managing Producer: Conor Gearin
Bird sounds supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. BirdNote’s theme was composed and performed by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler. Broad-billed Prion ML 153841911 recorded by N. McArthur, Fairy Prion ML 280191951 and ML 280193281 recorded by H. Krajewsky.
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