Hey Pandas, What Was One thing So Ridiculous Your Pet Did That It Completely Cracked You Up?



My gran have a pet parrot referred to as Loki ( why are so many parrots referred to as that?) and he’s an African Gray. One time I used to be watching Avengers at her home, and the parrot Loki was there too. He can muster a number of easy phrases like Good day, Good morning, and, for some bizarre motive, Loki needs A Cracker.

So he was watching the film and noticed that the actors had been calling Tom Hiddleston ‘Loki’.

Within the night time, it was actually three o’clock, and Loki flies in my short-term room and goes, on this creepy Tom Hiddleston impression,
‘Loki needs a cracker.’

My screaming might be heard all the best way within the neighborhood.



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