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When you’re the mother or father of a brand new rabbit, you then’re in all probability in search of the perfect of the perfect meals to feed him. However what ought to a rabbit’s food regimen appear to be, and which rabbit meals is greatest to feed your new buddy?

We talked to Dr. Gregory Wealthy, a veterinarian with the Avian & Unique Animal Hospital of Louisiana, about which meals needs to be added to your bunny’s food regimen and which needs to be averted in any respect prices.

In keeping with Dr. Wealthy, the perfect rabbit meals for younger bunnies is an alfalfa-based pellet and alfalfa hay. For older rabbits, diets ought to include a Timothy hay-based pelleted food regimen.

What’s the greatest rabbit meals?

Although cartoons will inform you that rabbits can survive solely on carrots, in actuality, your rabbit wants a way more various food regimen than one consisting of simply veggies. And his food regimen can even be depending on how previous your rabbit is.

“The perfect food regimen for rabbits below 10 months of age is an alfalfa-based pelleted food regimen in addition to alfalfa hay,” Dr. Wealthy instructed The Dodo. “After 10 months of age, rabbits needs to be fed a Timothy hay-based pelleted food regimen.” The fiber content material of those pellets needs to be not less than 18 %, and they need to not embody coloring, oats, corn or seeds.

“Pellets needs to be supplied on the price of 1/4 to 1/2 cup per 5 kilos of physique weight,” Dr. Wealthy stated. Your vet may help you establish how a lot pelleted meals to feed your rabbit every day and when.

And recent Timothy hay,or oat or grass hay, have to be out there to your rabbit to eat always on daily basis, Dr. Wealthy stated.

Hay is what retains a rabbit’s digestive system working nice, and it additionally helps preserve dental well being, too. Alfalfa hay is OK for grownup bunnies (over 10 months previous) to eat occasionally, however it’s larger in sugar and caloric content material.

Fruits rabbits can eat

To complement his hay food regimen, you can provide your grownup rabbit quite a lot of completely different vegatables and fruits.

“Fruits shouldn’t be supplied till not less than 6 months of age, and by no means greater than 10 % of the every day consumption,” Dr. Wealthy stated.

Berries, together with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, are greatest to feed your rabbit every now and then. And cut-up apples and pears might also be a enjoyable deal with.

“Dehydrated vegatables and fruits will not be wholesome as a every day deal with,” Dr. Wealthy famous. “The pure sugars that type on the floor could trigger an intestinal upset.”

Vegetable rabbits can eat

Rabbits love greens, too — particularly leafy greens and herbs.

“Greens needs to be stored to a minimal till 10 months of age,” Dr. Wealthy stated. However as soon as your rabbit is sufficiently old, you may slowly introduce him to “freshly washed leafy greens similar to kale, crimson leaf lettuce, bib lettuce, turnip greens, endive, carrot tops, basil [and] cilantro.”

A leaf or a nibble to begin is nice, then Dr. Wealthy recommends rising the variety of recent greens to one-half cup or 1 cup every day per 2 to three kilos of physique weight. Once more, your vet may help you determine the proper quantity to your bunny.

“If stools change into moist, again off on greens,” Dr. Wealthy stated.

It needs to be famous that rabbits shouldn’t be on a strict vegetable and fruit food regimen.

“Fruits have too excessive of a sugar content material that can result in unfastened stools or diarrhea if eaten every day,” Dr. Wealthy stated. “Inexperienced leafy greens are tremendous as a deal with, however ought to by no means signify nearly all of the meals consumption.”

What meals ought to rabbits not eat?

After all, you don’t wish to feed your rabbit processed human meals (together with bread and pasta), meat, dairy gadgets, or dog and cat meals as these meals can do harm to your bunny’s digestive system. However there are additionally some veggies that you must avoid.

“An excessive amount of consumption of spinach, kale or parsley could trigger bladder issues,” Dr. Wealthy stated. “Bananas, candy potatoes and avocado are all excessive in sugar content material and might trigger weight problems if supplied routinely.”

Some veggies, like rhubarb, kidney beans, iceberg lettuce and potatoes, are literally toxic to rabbits, too. And, as Dr. Wealthy stated, “absolute no-nos are chocolate and onions.”

Finest rabbit meals you should buy

So which rabbit meals is the perfect? Listed below are just a few choices that each Dr. Wealthy and fellow rabbit mother and father recommend.

A rabbit’s food regimen needs to be stored easy, and as at all times, when you have any particular questions on what you must or shouldn’t feed your rabbit, attain out to your vet, who can offer you customized solutions and solutions.

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