Joint Operation To Goal Rabbit Numbers In Wānaka Reserves


A joint rabbit management operation by Queenstown Lakes
District Council (QLDC) and the Division of Conservation
(DOC) is underway in reserve land adjoining to Albert City,
Hikuwai and Northlake, with QLDC additionally endeavor management
work on the previous oxidation ponds at 101 Ballantyne Highway, and
in Luggate Park.

The operations contain poisonous Pindone
carrot baits positioned on the bottom inside the reserves to
adjust to the Otago Regional Council’s Pest Administration

Issues to notice about this operation:

This operation will begin any time from Tuesday 9 August
2022. The timing of those operations is climate

· Operations are anticipated to require as much as
three poisonous purposes, every estimated to be 4 days

· QLDC strongly advises all to train warning
if getting into any of those areas when baits have been

· Folks ought to keep away from touching the baits or
eradicating carcasses from the focused areas

· If close to
an space during which the rabbit management operation is underway,
dog house owners ought to maintain their dogs underneath shut management or on
a leash

· Tracks and official entrances to reserves
affected by these rabbit management operations shall be clearly
signposted when bait is laid.

Native faculties, vets,
medical centres and childcare centres have been notified of
these operations.

Personal landowners are additionally carrying
out rabbit management on their land and may have signage in
place, as QLDC doesn’t perform rabbit management on land it
doesn’t handle.

Extra info on QLDC and DOC’s
rabbit management operations will be discovered at

you have got any questions or issues about this operation,
please contact QLDC by emailing
or calling the QLDC Parks Service Supply Supervisor on 03 443


Extra info on QLDC and DOC’s rabbit
management operations will be discovered at

of joint rabbit management operation:

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