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Truffle-Searching Birds

Written by Conor Gearin

That is BirdNote.

    [Patagonia soundscape with Chucao Tapaculo, ML 202464171]

With their glorious sense of odor, pigs are famend for sniffing out truffles, a fungus that grows underground and is prized for its style. [Pig snort] But it surely seems that some hen species also can discover their approach to a truffle deal with. 

    [Chucao Tapaculo song, ML 217463, 0:12-0:14]

Researchers working within the Patagonia area of Chile had seen truffles with little beak-sized chunk marks, and even watched a hen eat a truffle. The researchers examined the droppings of two widespread birds, the Chucao Tapaculo and the Black-throated Huet-Huet. They discovered truffle DNA in most of the samples, suggesting that truffles are a staple of the birds’ food regimen.

The findings recommend that birds, not simply mammals, usually eat truffles. A few of the fungi species eaten by the Patagonian birds appear like berries that develop domestically, which could assist birds see them higher. 

    [Chucao Tapaculo song, ML 217463, 0:12-0:14]

In spite of everything, the truffles profit from birds consuming them: the birds unfold the fungal spores of their droppings, serving to the fungi attain new areas. 

Birds haven’t but gained a popularity as prized truffle-hunters… however possibly sometime. 

[Chucao Tapaculo song, ML 217463, 0:12-0:14]

For BirdNote, I’m Ariana Remmel.


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Bird sounds offered by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Chucao Tapaculo ML217463 recorded by N. Areta and Chucao Tapaculo ML 202464171 recorded by P.A. Pla.
BirdNote’s theme was composed and performed by Nancy Rumbel and John Kessler.
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