A sheep maintains silence heading for slaughter


BY Robert Sigauke
AS the final stretch in direction of the election season gathers momentum, the standard mudslinging and jostling by aspiring candidates to place themselves is clear. This can be a second of insanity, disinformation, a season of low cost politicking and faux information.

This can be a season of huge and small scandals, true and unfaithful, elevated in tempo, sensationalised and dished to the general public that’s ever-thirsty for the autumn of the following bigwig. A few of us with almost-grey hair have seen all of it and seen this earlier than, it would certainly not die with us. The script is identical from time immemorial.

Besides that knowledge should prevail, foresight should rule the day and level-headedness amongst our folks should reign. Winds are seasonal and regardless of how robust they might be, they finally die down and subside.

Far excessive within the sky a fowl could go, however it comes all the way down to the bottom to nourish. Actions come and actions die. These are nice classes even for the aspiring youths in our nation.

No one joins or votes for any political get together sheepishly, except they’ve been bought a dummy. But it stays that they didn’t be part of or vote sheepishly, they merely believed in a dummy.

The one accuser of such folks is nothing however historical past itself, as a result of historical past is forged in stone such that it doesn’t lie. A few of our youths have been used for a very long time, again and again. It turns into a tragic story, particularly as a result of this has occurred for essentially the most a part of the most effective years of their youth.

The forefathers look from past, besides with out delight, for them the place there isn’t a prayer, solely regrets or festivity. A few of our youths have learnt nothing, even from what historical past has introduced to them in so some ways. This can be a dialogue of concern, certainly, an uncomfortable one, for the forebearers can’t relaxation peacefully in retirement with such a reckless technology of youths.

Our youths should know that issues of politics and public governance are usually not for jest, like those we see every day being fought on Twitter streets.

These are issues of individuals’s livelihoods for generations to come back. They’re issues of nation constructing and the grand story of a folks. Our youths should know that among the many flocks of sheep are marauding wolves, all out and angling for donor funds from Western capitals.

Our youths should know {that a} “political get together” that operates in secrecy lacks accountability and transparency, and our folks should shun such “secret societies”. Anybody with no mandate from these he/she supposedly presides over has no legitimacy, and anybody of their proper thoughts must be afraid to be related to such a “get together”. The resistance to legitimise one’s superintendence over a gaggle of individuals is indicative of a behaviour that turns into problematic when one will get the style of energy.

The thriller round which the Residents Coalition for Change (CCC) is adamant to cast off the standard programs of choosing candidates could be a veiled approach round which mukomana (get together chief Nelson Chamisa) intends to eliminate some prime lieutenants, considered posing a risk to chinhu chake (his pet venture).

The technique smacks of a plan meant to dump the outdated guard considered unpopular, and but a possibility for “neighborhood” celebrities (mafikizolos) to climb onto the gravy prepare. This needs to be a fear for the outdated guard within the CCC; this plan doesn’t reward them, it solely worsens the qualms within the cockpit.

Zanu PF emphasises the folks, CCC emphasises the so-called “residents”. There’s a big distinction, I’ll clarify. The Congolese in Zimbabwe are folks, Zambians in Zimbabwe are folks, South Africans in Zimbabwe are folks, Malawians in Zimbabwe are folks and Europeans in Zimbabwe are folks, however not all of those persons are residents, even though they might be within the nation for noble causes.

That is the message that Zanu-PF has been preaching all alongside, that Zimbabwe is open for enterprise and all folks with good intentions are welcome.

The truth that CCC centres its focus and message solely on residents is anti-African at greatest and xenophobic at worst, Sadc and the African Union should be aware of this. Sure, CCC’s message is xenophobic, the irony of all of it being the truth that it’s a motion that survives on donor funds from international capitals.

Our youths should know that the issue in our politics in the present day is that anybody can manufacture credentials of their very own.

A widely known big-bellied Member of Parliament is busy making his personal credentials, he even recorded movies consuming sadza within the bush just a few years in the past, presumably hiding from “State brokers”.

All of us took be aware not too long ago, when a preacher accused a sure opposition chief of taking part in the politics of grandstanding as a result of he isn’t being arrested like different opposition leaders. Whereas the reality of this assertion will not be a lot of a priority, it’s extra about the way it represents the pondering in our folks in the present day, that one has to earn “arrest credentials” first earlier than one is eligible for public workplace.

In that line of thought, it means we’re a nation that yearns to be ruled by jailbirds as a result of it’s them who stand a greater probability on the poll.

However Zanu PF will win the ethical excessive floor on this, their stalwarts have been jailed due to waging the liberation wrestle and preventing a colonialism for all of the folks of our nation.

We can’t say the identical for the jailbirds of the opposition nevertheless, they’re incarcerated due to sheer lawbreaking and uncivil behaviour.

Historical past doesn’t overlook, and but with the opposition, the extra issues change, the extra they keep the identical. Is it a case of ineptitude, forgetfulness, chapter in technique or the entire aforementioned?

Politics is a duel of pound for pound and a method of silence isn’t any technique in any respect, except no person cares to care. However with folks’s votes, one can’t stay unbothered, 2023 is lower than a 12 months away and a few of our youths should refuse to be carried by a prepare that’s quick and but going nowhere!

There’s nothing democratic about the principle opposition, no marvel why it dropped the “democratic” moniker from its identify. No elected official, no buildings, no legitimacy, no mandate from these they declare to superintend over, and but they’re desirous to proceed on this style for so long as it takes proper into and through the elections.

All events function beneath a short lived construction upon formation, till an inaugural elective congress, however going into elections with out the mandate or legitimacy from supporters is utter disrespect for members and undemocratic.

What ethical, authorized and/or legit foundation does a small group of people should impose themselves on different folks with out an inner or exterior election course of? That is unprecedented, that is taboo even to Adolf Hitler who in all his despicable behaviour was elected by these he superintended over.

Classes from our previous are lots, and a few of our youths have to be guided by knowledge. Lest they overlook, the financial doldrums we face are partly due to the sanctions which the Western capitals wouldn’t have bothered to impose if they didn’t chew into our economic system.

But the narrative that a few of our persons are made to imagine is that Zanu PF has mismanaged the economic system. How does one break the leg of his compatriot then flip round to chuckle on the compatriot’s incapacity? Those who known as for the sanctions to be imposed on this nation are the exact same ones alleging that the crippled “compatriot” has did not handle the economic system.

However the evident actuality of 2023 stays simple as in all different years earlier than, the individuals who vote for Zanu PF achieve this for a trigger, a trigger they carry of their hearts as a result of it’s inscribed on the scars of their toils.

Zanu PF has remained unwavering in seeing by tangible programmes for the folks of actual growth regardless of the challenges.

As a sheep maintains silence heading for slaughter, possibly that is the proverbial second for the CCC and its technique of silence and secrecy. The 2023 elections will come, election outcomes might be introduced, everybody will return to their regular companies and look ahead to 2028.

As for Zanu PF, it would proceed delivering sustainable tasks that anchor folks’s lives for generations to come back, from the seat of presidency at Munhumutapa Constructing.

  • Robert Sigauke is a authorized guide, political and social commentator primarily based in Johannesburg. He writes right here in his private capability. He will be contacted on WhatsApp +2779 465 6360.

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