How lengthy do hamsters reside? Life cycle of a home hamster


If you happen to’re on the lookout for a solution to the query ‘how lengthy do hamsters reside?’ we’ve obtained you lined. 

Hamsters make fantastic pets, particularly for youngsters, however the draw back to having these furry mates as playmates is that they’ve fairly a brief life expectancy. Most pet hamsters solely are inclined to reside between 1.5 to 4 years.

Surprisingly wild hamsters can reside for longer. The European hamster, for instance, can reside for as much as 8 years. Nevertheless they’ve a shorter common life expectancy than pet hamsters as their younger are sometimes killed by predators. Fortuitously they’ve a really excessive replica fee, which helps them survive. 

When you’ve got a pet hamster or need to get one, it’s necessary to know learn how to take care of them and what elements will guarantee they reside a more healthy, longer life together with their breed, the place they reside, what you feed them and the way you take care of them. 

Be sure you know the most effective methods to maintain your hamster pleased, together with researching the most effective hamster cages and toys on your pocket pal, in addition to offering the most effective vitamin and figuring out the indicators of stress in hamsters.

Learn on to be taught every little thing you could know to offer your hamster the most effective life doable. 

How lengthy do hamsters reside within the wild?  

Wild hamsters are inclined to reside longer than pet hamsters in the event that they handle to flee their predators. The Syrian hamster, for instance, typically lives between 2-3 years, however can reside longer in captivity. The European hamster can reside as much as eight years within the wild.  

Life cycle of a home hamster 

Hamsters don’t are inclined to have very lengthy life cycles. After a brief gestation interval of solely 16-22 days, a hamster provides delivery to 6-8 pups on common. The pups are born deaf, blind and hairless. They’re, nonetheless, one of many few animals born with enamel. 

After about 5 days their fur begins to develop and after round two weeks their eyes are open. Pups are sorted by their mom for round 28 days. At this level moms are usually separated from their pups, who grow to be sexually mature from 4-6 weeks. 

Women and men are additionally separated at this stage as breeding is extra profitable after 10 weeks. Earlier than this hamsters could also be not survive. A feminine hamster can grow to be pregnant once more 24 hours after delivery. Hamsters attain peak fertility simply earlier than a yr, nonetheless at round 12 -14 months they could grow to be infertile. 

Hamster food

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How lengthy do hamsters reside for as pets?  

Pet hamsters are inclined to reside between 1.5 and 4 years, though some can reside longer relying on their care and the species. 

These are the typical lifespans of pet hamsters by breed:

  • Golden/Syrian Hamster – 2-4 years  
  • Siberian Hamster – Round 2 years 
  • Chinese language Hamster – 2-3 years 
  • Roborovski Dwarf Hamster – Round 3 years 
  • Campbell’s Dwarf Russian Hamster – Round 2 years 

What elements have an effect on a hamster’s lifespan?  

If you wish to know learn how to take care of a hamster and methods to assist your hamster reside longer these are the elements you could think about:

A nutritious diet

As omnivores hamsters want a mixture of each protein and veg. Do your analysis and make it possible for, whether or not you’re shopping for their meals or making it your self, they’re receiving the right amount and all of the vitamins they want. A Syrian hamster, for instance, requires two teaspoons of meals a day; a dwarf hamster wants only one teaspoon. 

There are a selection of meals which might be poisonous to hamsters together with chocolate, onions and garlic, potatoes and tomato leaves. Sure meals reminiscent of iceberg lettuce, peanuts and citrus fruits also needs to be averted to maintain your hamster wholesome. 

In addition to feeding them the correct meals, it’s necessary to not overfeed your hamster. It’s not all the time essential to fill their meals dish with meals if it’s empty as hamsters have a tendency to cover meals.

Sufficient train

Hamsters not solely want train to remain wholesome, however pleased too. The easiest way to make sure they get sufficient train is to purchase them a hamster wheel for his or her cage. 

Hamsters like to run and can fortunately achieve this for hours. You too can get climbing toys and monitor playtime outdoors their cage. That is necessary as a result of in the event that they don’t get sufficient train they will grow to be stressed, chunk their cage or attempt to escape. 

Whilst you may take into consideration getting your hamster tunnels and tubes to train with, should you do, be certain the tubes are large enough as Syrian hamsters, for instance, are inclined to get caught and this may be fairly traumatic for them. 

If the tubes are hooked up to the partitions, be certain they’re safe so your hamster doesn’t endure a fall and injure themselves. Tubes and tunnels may be harmful in the event that they’re not stored easy. Keep away from something too steep or convoluted. 

Know learn how to deal with them

The important thing to a protracted lived hamster is a contented one and by dealing with your hamster with care you possibly can hold them stress-free and pleased. Ensure solely a small variety of folks deal with your hamster and that all of them know the way to do that. 

All the time strategy your hamster slowly, be certain they’re awake, alert and make eye contact earlier than choosing them up. Then use two palms (be sure you’ve washed them) – one beneath them and one above them to make sure they’re protected.

Maintain different pets away from them

Within the wild hamsters have many predators and whereas your dog or cat might not eat your hamster, they may nonetheless kill them by injuring them – even when they’re simply attempting to play. Ensure your hamster’s cage is safe and that they’re refrained from different pets, particularly after they’re outdoors the cage. 

The suitable dimension cage

Cage dimension is among the most necessary elements to make sure the well being of your hamster. If their cage isn’t large enough they will grow to be distressed. In the case of cage dimension, larger is healthier however you possibly can analysis the most effective dimensions for every breed. 

Syrian hamsters ought to have a cage with at the very least 620 sq. inches of ground area whereas dwarf hamsters want at the very least 450 sq. inches. When you’ve got multiple hamster, you’ll want double the dimensions cage. 

Bar spacing can be necessary in terms of selecting your hamster’s cage. You don’t need your hamster escaping by means of or getting caught between the bars so analysis the most effective bar spacing for various breeds. 

Syrian hamsters want not more than 0.5 inches and dwarf hamsters want not more than 0.25 inches of area between the bars. 

A clear cage

To keep away from your hamster getting in poor health from germs or micro organism, clear their cage recurrently. Clear any previous meals or waste out of your hamster’s cage as soon as a day, perform a deep clear as soon as each one or two weeks together with taking every little thing out of the cage, washing its bedding and wiping the whole cage down with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar.

A wholesome atmosphere

Lengthen your hamster’s lifespan by creating a wholesome atmosphere for them to reside in – one that can trigger them the least quantity of stress. Hamsters don’t like loud noises so attempt to create a quiet, peaceable area for them. The temperature and humidity of their cage can be key. 

The best temperature for a hamster is between 65 and 75 levels Fahrenheit and the perfect humidity is about 40 p.c. You may examine your hamster is pleased with the temperature and humidity by ensuring they aren’t sweating, shivering or discovering it arduous to breathe, shedding their power or urge for food or consuming greater than standard. Test for indicators of stress to make sure a wholesome atmosphere. A pressured hamster might exhibit repetitive habits, biting or hair loss. 

Ensure your hamster is comfy. This consists of the correct sort of bedding created from paper, wooden, greens or grain as these are absorbent.

They need to additionally lead an enriched life to be wholesome and pleased. This implies offering them with a wide range of toys which might be protected for them, but in addition hold them bodily and mentally stimulated.

Find out how to inform in case your hamster is getting older 

No matter breed, in case your hamster reaches the age of two they’re thought-about previous, however there are a variety of different indicators to indicate you that they’re ageing:

  • Hair loss – As hamsters grow old they could lose their hair
  • Eye issues – Hamsters don’t have nice eyesight to begin with, however as they age they will endure from eye issues reminiscent of cataracts and even lack of eyesight. If you happen to discover your hamster’s eyes flip extra white this could possibly be the case, however they will nonetheless use their different senses and lead a contented life.  
  • Lack of urge for food – As your hamster will get older they could lose their urge for food or grow to be fussier eaters. This could possibly be as a result of their enamel or digestive system want softer meals. Strive steamed broccoli, rice or omelette.  
  • Much less power – Older hamsters will begin to decelerate, expending much less power and sleeping extra. They could additionally endure from arthritis and have extra bother shifting, bumping into their cage extra typically.  
  • Issues with their enamel – Hamsters’ enamel develop all through their lives. Often their enamel are filed down after they chew on meals, however as they grow old and begin consuming softer meals they could should be taken to the vet to have their enamel filed down. Older hamster enamel may break extra simply. 
  • Cleansing habits – Not solely will an older hamster groom itself much less because it will get extra drained, however their bathroom habits will change. An older hamster might urinate in varied spots of their cage together with their bedding. Nevertheless there could also be fewer droppings in case your hamster is consuming much less. Be sure you examine their digestion and if they should go see a vet.  

Who’s the longest residing hamster ever recorded?

The longest residing hamster ever recorded lived till he was 4.5 years previous and made it into the Guinness E book of World Information. We all know that he was owned by Karen Smeaten and lived in Tyne & Put on, however his title has not been recorded. 


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