The Girls Who Fought the Feather Fad



The Girls Who Fought the Feather Fad

Written by Richa Malhotra

That is BirdNote.

Within the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the human fascination with chicken feathers went a bit too far. Girls’s hats and clothes featured extravagant feathers from birds each close to and much.

To satisfy the rising demand for feathered hats within the U.Ok., birds have been imported to the style hub of London from everywhere in the world. The commerce in feathers drove a number of species, from the Little Egret to the Nice Crested Grebe, to near-extinction.

    [Great Crested Grebe, XC 668294]

Fed up with the killing of untamed birds for trend, a bunch of British girls led by Emily Williamson met in 1889 to place an finish to this cruelty. The group, known as the ‘Society for the Safety of Birds,’ united with one other group of protesting girls—the ‘Fur, Fin and Feather People,’ based by Eliza Phillips.

The group grew to become the Royal Society for the Safety of Birds, or RSPB, which continues to be a frontrunner in chicken conservation at this time.

The RSPB rallied for a ban on the import of feathers for 3 a long time till the British Parliament handed the Importation of Plumage Prohibition Act in 1921.  

Because of a bunch of girls who challenged the feather fad, many species of birds have been protected against extinction. 

[Great Crested Grebe, XC 668294]

For BirdNote, I’m Ariana Remmel.

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