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Hamsters are such delicate little creatures, and feeding them one thing that’s not good for them can simply hurt their well being and well-being. The excellent news is that recent meals for hamsters just isn’t all that difficult, they usually can safely eat extra meals than cats and dogs.

To make it simpler for you, we’ve compiled an inventory of secure veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, flowers, herbs, protein and grain – so just about every part it’s worthwhile to know! There’s additionally an inventory of unsafe meals and meals you must feed carefully. This listing is for all hamster species.

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How you can Feed Recent Meals to Hamsters

Recent meals corresponding to greens, fruits, and herbs ought to make a small addition to your hamster’s weight loss plan however shouldn’t be given in massive portions. You possibly can feed a couple of completely different vegs, fruits, and herbs a few occasions every week and even one small piece of veg (or fruit) day by day. A basic information for serving is the scale of your hamster’s ear.

Introduce any new recent meals slowly, so your hamster doesn’t get an upset abdomen. If the meals is inflicting a “moist tail,” i.e., diarrhea or an adversarial response of any sort, cease feeding it.

Hamsters are likely to hoard their meals, and since recent meals go rancid rapidly, take away any uneaten veg and fruit items on the identical day you give them, and examine their stash to make sure they didn’t conceal any of it.

Secure Greens Listing for Hamsters

Arugula Ginger
Artichoke Inexperienced Beans
Asparagus Kale
Beet Mushroom
Bell Pepper Parsnip
Bok Choy Peas
Broccoli Potato (cooked!)
Brussels Sprouts Pumpkin
Cabbage Radicchio
Carrot Romaine Lettuce
Cauliflower Soybeans
Celery Snow Peas
Collards Spinach
Corn Squash
Cucumber Candy Potato (cooked)
Edamame Swiss Chard
Endive Zucchini

Hamsters can safely eat all kinds of veggies, however there are some guidelines to observe.

Potatoes ought to at all times be fed cooked, with out salt or seasoning. Uncooked potatoes comprise massive quantities of a toxin known as solanine, so hamsters, like people, ought to by no means eat uncooked, inexperienced potatoes.

Garlic and onion have been an object of debate within the hamster-keeping neighborhood. Hamsters can eat cooked garlic and onion, and it even has some well being advantages for them! You possibly can learn extra in regards to the analysis on garlic and onion for hamsters right here. However as with every part, moderation is essential.

Veggies that you must keep away from as they aren’t secure are:

  • Chili Peppers (and different scorching peppers)
  • Eggplant (Aubergine)
  • Raw Broad and Kidney beans or different beans excessive in lectin

Though not essentially greens, beans are most frequently grouped that means. It’s essential to do not forget that some sorts of beans, corresponding to Broad and Kidney beans, are poisonous for people and hamsters when uncooked. You need to at all times prepare dinner these beans earlier than feeding them to your hamster. Inexperienced beans, alternatively, are secure to feed uncooked as they don’t comprise excessive quantities of lectin as broad and kidney beans.

Secure Fruits Listing for Hamsters

Acai Kiwi
Apple (no seeds) Kumquat
Apricot Lychee
Banana Mango
Blackberries Nectarines
Blueberries Papaya
Boysenberries Ardour Fruit
Cantaloupe Peach (no pit)
Cherries (no pit) Pear
Cranberries Pineapple
Currants Plum (no pit)
Dates Pomegranate
Elderberries Raspberry
Figs Starfruit
Gooseberries Strawberries
Grapes (no seeds) Tomatoes (ripe)
Guava Watermelon
Honeydew Melon

As everyone knows, fruits are typically excessive in sugar, so you shouldn’t feed fruits in extra. It is usually finest to rotate completely different fruits as a substitute of feeding the identical factor repeatedly, so as to add selection and enrichment to your hamster’s life.

Avocado flesh will be fed however carefully, as a result of it’s excessive in fats. Nevertheless, you must by no means feed avocado pit, pores and skin, or leaves as they’re poisonous to hamsters.

Citrus fruits are one other fruit household typically perceived as unsafe resulting from being extremely acidic. Additionally, analysis has discovered that citrus fruits may cause kidney tumors in male rats when fed in substantial portions. However there is no such thing as a proof that citrus fruits aren’t secure for hamsters – science discovered that they will even be helpful. After all, you shouldn’t give your hamster massive portions of any fruits, together with citrus, as they’re excessive in sugar. However the occasional citrus deal with is completely secure to your hamster.

With regards to tomatoes, it’s important to understand that you must solely feed ripe tomatoes with out leaves or stems as they’re poisonous.

Additionally, keep away from the pits and seeds of some fruits (talked about within the fruit listing above) as a result of they comprise amygdalin which is transformed into cyanide within the abdomen and will trigger toxicity in massive doses.

Nuts & Legumes

Almonds Hazelnuts
Black Eyed Peas Lentils
Cashews Peanuts
Chickpeas Cut up Peas
Coconut Walnuts

Nuts needs to be unflavored and unsalted.

Almonds typically find yourself on the “unsafe hamster meals” lists as a result of folks confuse bitter almonds with human-grade almonds. Bitter almonds aren’t secure for hamsters or people resulting from a poisonous chemical known as hydrogen cyanide. However human-grade almonds, which we people eat, are completely secure for hamsters too.

Though nuts make wonderful treats, being enjoyable and enriching, you must nonetheless be aware of the portions you feed them as nuts are excessive in energy and fats content material, so they aren’t one thing you need to give day-after-day.


Chia Seeds Pumpkin Seeds
Flax Seeds Sesame Seeds
Hemp Seeds Sunflower Seeds

Like nuts, seeds must also be unflavored and unsalted.

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Herbs & Flowers

Basil Nettle
Calendula Oregano
Chamomile Parsley
Cornflowers Raspberry Leaves
Dandelion Rose Petals
Dill Sunflower Petals
Hibiscus Petals Thyme
Marigold Leaves

Herbs and flowers make an incredible addition to your hamster’s weight loss plan. They’re wonderful for foraging and enrichment. You need to use recent culinary kitchen herbs and dried herbs.


Amaranth Oat Flakes
Barley Popped Corn
Buckwheat Quinoa
Bulgar Wheat Rice
Corn Flakes (plain) Rye Flakes
Couscous Wheat Germ

Grains make up a big portion of your pet’s weight loss plan. They’re served in a meals combine you give to your hamster, however you may add a bit of little bit of your individual as a deal with occasionally.


Cheese Cooked Plain Hen
Cottage Cheese Cooked Plain Turkey
Crickets Cooked Plain Beef
Eggs Salmon
Grasshoppers Tofu
Mealworms Yogurt

Hamsters typically get mistaken for herbivores, however they’re truly omnivores. So having animal protein of their weight loss plan is important. Essentially the most pure sources of protein for them are mealworms, crickets, and grasshoppers, as they’re much like what they might eat within the wild, however you may also provide different protein meals corresponding to cooked, unseasoned meat or eggs.

Take into account that cooked beef shouldn’t be fed actually because it’s excessive in ldl cholesterol. Hen is a a lot more healthy selection for hamsters.

In Moderation

Some meals aren’t that wholesome for hamsters due to their excessive fats or sugar content material. Feed the next meals carefully solely:

  • Avocado – This fruit may be very excessive in fats, so it ought to solely be fed often and in small portions.
  • Beef – One of these meat is excessive in ldl cholesterol in comparison with different meats, so it shouldn’t be the first protein supply to your hamster.
  • Dairy merchandise, i.e., cheese, yogurt – Dairy is simply too excessive in fats to be fed typically.
  • Dried fruits – Whereas fruits have pure sugars that aren’t unhealthy for hamsters, dried fruits have a a lot larger focus of these sugars, in order that they shouldn’t be fed typically or in massive portions.
  • Garlic & onion – These veggies are fantastic to supply when cooked into different meals, however finest to keep away from uncooked.
  • Excessive-fat meals corresponding to coconut and different nuts.
  • Hamster treats corresponding to Yogurt Drops and different sugary treats.

Unsafe Meals

Hamsters can eat all kinds of meals. If a human can eat it, it’s more than likely fantastic for a hamster too. However some meals are a strict “no” for hamsters:

  • Raw Broad and Kidney beans and some others – Broad, Kidney beans and a few others comprise a excessive quantity of toxin known as lectin, which makes them toxic when uncooked. Beans that people can’t eat uncooked shouldn’t be fed uncooked to hamsters, both.
  • Packaged meats corresponding to deli or canned meats aren’t wholesome for hamsters.
  • Chili Peppers or any scorching pepper.
  • Moldy cheeses corresponding to Blue Cheese needs to be prevented.
  • Eggplant (Aubergine) needs to be prevented because it comprises excessive quantities of solanine. This alkaloid is poisonous if eaten in massive quantities and small animals are extra inclined to its unfavorable impact.
  • Uncooked potato – Hamsters, in addition to people, mustn’t eat uncooked, inexperienced potatoes resulting from their toxicity.
  • Rhubarb leaves – They’re poisonous to hamsters.

Safe and Unsafe Hamster Food List - Herbs, Grains, Proteins

We’ve gathered the information for this hamster meals listing from probably the most respected sources and double-checked every part to ensure the listing is totally correct. There are various hamster meals lists shared across the web, however not many are backed by science. As an alternative, they’re created with “phrase of mouth” info which is commonly false. We wished to create a go-to place for hamster house owners to get the proper knowledge.


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