Defending Petrels that Stay on a Volcano



Defending Petrels that Stay on a Volcano

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The ‘Ua’u or Hawaiian Petrel is an endangered species as soon as thought extinct or practically so. However in latest many years, biologists have relocated a few of their well-hidden nests.

    [‘Ua’u calls]

Some ‘Ua’u nest in a seemingly inhospitable panorama: beneath the lava fields of Mauna Loa, an energetic volcano. Areas the place the lava has lengthy since cooled have deep tubes by which the ‘Ua’u could make their burrows. Wildlife biologist Charlotte Forbes Perry displays the petrels on Mauna Loa. 

Charlotte Forbes Perry: We search for indicators of exercise once we’re strolling round on the market on the lava. And one of many primary issues that we’re in search of ‘Ua’u poop. So once we see that on the lava, we glance round that space for extra, like, feathers. After which we’ll search for the burrow opening, which may very well be a bit cryptic at instances. We additionally scent inside the world.

Regardless of their secretive burrows, the ‘Ua’u are nonetheless susceptible to predators comparable to feral cats. A fence accomplished in 2016 retains predators away from the petrel burrows, providing them an area to thrive. That’s given Charlotte and others new hope for this species.

Charlotte Forbes Perry: I believe that my function in making an attempt to maintain these birds, these ‘Ua’u, is my contribution to my cultural upbringing. We imagine these birds are our ancestors or, you recognize, relations. And we must always do what we will to maintain them as wholesome as doable.

    [‘Ua’u calls]

Study extra concerning the success story of ‘Ua’u conservation on the Threatened podcast. Hear in your podcast app or on BirdNote dot org. I’m Ari Daniel.


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