Lights Out for Bird Migration



Lights Out for Bird Migration

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    [nocturnal flight calls]

Many birds migrate at night time. It would sound unusual to journey at midnight, however the birds have their causes.

Julia Wang: At night time the air is much less turbulent, so it is a bit simpler to fly. 

That’s Julia Wang from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. 

Julia Wang: And particularly for woodland species that may not be as agile, it is simpler to fly at night time. It is also sometimes cooler at night time, so it is simpler to off-put the warmth that is generated while you’re flying actually, actually far distances.

However migrating at night time additionally implies that birds can get disoriented by shiny lights and collide with a constructing. 
Julia Wang: All of this gentle air pollution coming from main facilities of buildings, properties, residences, pulls birds, typically, into an space the place they’re extra prone to cope with collisions and different city threats. 

Julia is the undertaking chief for BirdCast, which gives forecasts for chicken migration so that folks know when they need to hold their lights off. 

Julia Wang: All we’re asking is that you simply flip the swap and switch off some lights throughout migration season, and it turns into a win-win state of affairs for each events. You are serving to to avoid wasting birds. And also you’re additionally, as a constructing proprietor or supervisor, or as somebody in their very own house, you are saving power by turning off lights.
Know that every gentle counts and every house issues.

    [nocturnal flight calls]

Be taught extra about lights out applications for chicken migration on the Carry Birds Again podcast. Hear in your podcast app or at BirdNote dot org. I’m Tenijah Hamilton.


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