CMZoo establishes a middle for giraffe conservation


COLORADO SPRINGS — Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has established a first-of-its-kind giraffe coaching, knowledge-sharing, and giraffe emergency response program.

Generally known as the Worldwide Middle for the Care and Conservation of Giraffe, the middle is an effort to consolidate sources and increase instructional packages to enhance the lives of giraffe in human care, whereas additionally serving to with the conservation of untamed giraffe.

The targets of the Worldwide Middle for the Care and Conservation of Giraffe are:

  1. Enhance the standard of veterinary care obtainable for giraffe and use that info for discipline conservation.
  2. Proceed to advance behavioral husbandry practices to enhance giraffe welfare.
  3. Set up Emergency Response Groups worldwide to answer giraffe well being emergencies and discipline conservation wants.

“We’ve got a protracted historical past of caring for a big herd of prolific, interactive giraffe that take part in day by day visitor feedings, weekly hoof care, and all kinds of educated voluntary husbandry and medical procedures,” mentioned Amy Schilz, a Senior Animal Behaviorist. “With this new program, we may help giraffe all around the world get that very same stage of care.”

CMZoo’s giraffe herd has participated in voluntary husbandry coaching for a decade and has seen over 200 calf births. Giraffe at CMZoo voluntarily take part in coaching for injections, blood attracts, x-rays, eye exams, hoof care, and extra.

“Giraffe are extremely good,” mentioned Schilz. “Our entire herd voluntarily participates in their very own hoof care. We ask them to return to the coaching panel the place they elevate their leg to relaxation their hoof on a block. Then we are able to trim, file or x-ray their hoof whereas we give them plenty of rye crackers. It’s extremely fulfilling as a coach, and I’m excited to have the ability to share these strategies with much more giraffe lovers via this new Middle.”


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