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Banding Birds

Written by Allison Wilson

That is BirdNote. 

[Field recording from bird banding station]

Throughout fall migration, this chook banding station, operated by the Willistown Conservation Belief, is in full swing. It’s late September on the Rushton Woods Protect on the outskirts of Philadelphia. 

[Forest ambient sound]

Led by licensed chook banders, a crew of volunteers catches birds utilizing mist nets — 8-foot tall nets made from fantastic nylon string that virtually disappear when strung out between poles. There are fifteen arrange round this nature protect immediately in wooded areas and alongside trails. 

This volunteer is gently untangling a Grey Catbird from the mist web.

[Volunteer untangling bird from net]

Every chook is put in a fabric bag and carried to the banding station, a small lined picket platform. There, a chook bander affixes a small metallic band round its leg. The crew measures totally different points of the chook:

Banding participant: Age, intercourse if we will, the fats accumulation, the chook’s weight, 40.9 grams for that chook…

When this catbird is noticed within the wild, or caught once more at a banding station, it offers researchers perception into the actions and lifespan of this particular person. Compiling data for a lot of banded catbirds helps preserve monitor of the entire species. 

Newer applied sciences like GPS trackers make it simpler to exactly monitor birds world wide, however for a bird-lover, banding provides a novel thrill: holding a wild chook like this Veery in your hand, then feeling the beats of its wings whereas it flutters away, all whereas contributing to group science. 

Banding participant: There it goes! Did you hear it? It went “veer!”

For BirdNote, I’m Allison Wilson. 


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Bird sounds supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York.
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Narrator: Allison Wilson

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