Hey LGBTQ Pandas, What Are Some Issues The Media Will get Mistaken About Us?



This one pisses me off probably the most, Each straight one that is “inclusive” does this. So say a comic makes a mildly offensive joke about LGBTQ+, each straight particular person on the web tries to guard us like “we’re straight and have energy to guard you from this homophobic man. allow us to be condescending and defend you” The place as we’re like “hehe. funi” like they need not defend us if we discover it humorous!!!


XrAtCaTkiD 3 hours in the past

so true i really like lgbtqia comedy


That being LGBTQ is unsuitable or unhealthy in any means!!!!!!



Asexual ≠ Aromantic
Simply because we do not really feel sexual attraction does not imply we do not desire a romantic relationship. I am ace and I’ve needed a boyfriend for the longest time.



I do not like when a queer film or present characters entire persona and storyline is about how they’re queer. As a trans man, I want there was a film or present a few trans man the place it’s about different issues too, however nonetheless talks about his transition



That each one LGBTQ+ are simply offended with nothing to do however protest all the pieces on a regular basis.



Let me let you know a couple of I’ve seen; that homosexual is a nasty phrase, bi individuals like threesomes, the joke of pan individuals liking pans, transgender individuals aren’t (gender they need to be)



Each trans particular person has two units of pronouns. Only one, thanks.



All queers have/had daddy issuess



Once I got here out to my grandpa final yr at age 11 he mentioned I couldn’t be that positive but or it could be only a section. My dad had gone together with the don’t say homosexual factor in Florida as a result of he issues younger individuals shouldn’t be uncovered to that stuff.
I started questioning my gender and sexuality in about 1st grade once I had a crush on a feminine classmate and I didn’t really feel significantly feminine myself. Now at age 12 i’m a non binary pansexual who has consuming problems and despair and nervousness as a result of my household and college made me really feel like a weirdo/ misfit. My household and I are enhancing little by little and my grandpa has not been conservative for some time. Sorry if this was too lengthy.



Being asexual is a large spectrum. as an example, i’m solely actually interested in males “sexually” however would date a person and a lady. i’d additionally stay awake with anybody i already know/am pals with as a result of that’s disgusting. not all of us haven’t any intercourse drive… and we will get sexy



Asexuality (silly app limits characters so I’ll broaden within the feedback)



That all of us love rainbows. Sorry, however rainbows are a bit too flashy for me. (However I like flashy personalities😘)



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