Are you able to tame Pandas in Minecraft? Answered


Everybody is aware of that you could construct all types of issues in Minecraft. The enjoyable doesn’t cease there although — you may craft, discover, backyard, and rather more in that sandbox world. It follows that you could additionally tame some animals as effectively. They are often easy pets, like some birds for instance, or they are often helpful animals like pigs and horses. However what in case you needed to tame one thing that’s a bit on the market? As an example, perhaps you need to tame a Panda bear. Under, we’ve collected the precise steps you’ll must make that occur.

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The place to discover a Panda in Minecraft

Pandas have been added to Minecraft as a uncommon impartial mob. They fall into the bear class of animals and might be discovered lazing about Jungle, Bamboo Jungle, and Sparse Jungle biomes. They are often most frequently present in teams that quantity two or three Pandas. Pandas might be of a number of totally different character varieties:

  • Regular Panda
  • Lazy Panda
  • Nervous Panda
  • Playful Panda
  • Aggressive Panda
  • Weak Panda
  • Brown Panda

Picture through Minecraft Wiki

How one can tame a Panda in Minecraft

Identical to taming most different animals in Minecraft, the method is fairly easy. To tame them, you must method them rigorously and supply them their favourite meals merchandise. Fortunately, there are two choices in relation to taming Pandas.

The primary possibility is to supply your chosen Panda some Bamboo. To do that, method the Panda rigorously and drop Bamboo in entrance of it. The Panda will then decide it up and eat it. Hold repeating the method till you see hearts begin to pop up from the Panda. That implies that you’ve efficiently tamed that Panda.

The opposite possibility is a bit bit weirder however simply as efficient. As an alternative of Bamboo, you may also use Cake to tame a Panda. The method is identical as beforehand described. As soon as these hearts seem, then you may pat your self on the again. You’ve efficiently tamed your first Panda in Minecraft. 


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