The Gulf of Fonseca’s Restaurant and Restoration



The Gulf of Fonseca’s Restaurant and Restoration

Written by Camilo Garzón

That is BirdNote. 

    [Wilson’s Plover calls, Xeno Canto 105486] 

The Gulf of Fonseca is shared between El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Ecologist Salvadora Morales research greatest administration practices in shrimp farming and salt manufacturing to profit shorebirds in her native Nicaragua and different components of the Gulf.

Salvadora Morales: Resultó que si pone encontramos más de cinco especies donde su población vio geográfica period tremendous importante.

She’s saying that she and her crew noticed greater than 5 species which have particularly essential ties to this space. Together with…

[Wilson’s Plover calls, Xeno Canto 135972]

The Wilson’s Plover, lots of which breed within the southern U.S., involves the Gulf to relaxation and refuel. And what higher place for that than mudflats which can be principally eating places stocked with their favourite meals: fiddler crabs. 

    [Wilson’s Plover calls, Xeno Canto 574004] 
However that is additionally an incredible place to have a shrimp farm. Habitats the place plovers wish to sleep at the moment are ponds for the shrimp surrounded by partitions and dikes.

Salvadora Morales: Entonces una de las cosas, por ejemplo, las aves necesitan muros libres de vegetación cada dos, tres años. 

Each two or three years, the shrimp farms must take away extra vegetation from the pond partitions so the plovers have a spot to relaxation. Salvadora and her crew are ensuring the plovers’ restaurant stays open for enterprise.

This present is a part of a collection on Manomet’s shorebird conservation analysis, and it is also obtainable en español — go to our web site, BirdNote dot org, to be taught extra. I am Camilo Garzón.


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Bird sounds supplied by The Macaulay Library of Pure Sounds on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, Ithaca, New York. Wilson’s Plover Xeno Canto 105486 recorded by J. van Dort, Wilson’s Plover Xeno Canto 135972 recorded by M. McKewy Mejía, and Wilson’s Plover Xeno Canto 574004 recorded by M. Grosselet.
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