Methods to Decide Up and Maintain a Cat


You’ve got seemingly seen cats dealt with quite a lot of methods: lifted by the scruff of their necks, cradled like infants, grabbed across the center by excited youngsters.

And whereas each feline has totally different preferences on the way it likes to be touched and held (imagine it or not, some cats even like stomach rubs), there is a proper technique to choose up a cat, based on the ASPCA.

Methods to Decide up a Cat

First, needless to say not all cats wish to be held, and even people who do take pleasure in an excellent snuggle might not wish to be picked up on a regular basis.

Earlier than making an attempt to carry a cat, take a look at its physique language. A kitty with a low tail and flattened ears is not asking to be cuddled.

Strategy the cat slowly and let it sniff you so it may well get used to your scent and presence.

If the cat appears receptive to being held, use one hand to grip the feline behind its entrance legs, resting the animal’s chest on that arm. Together with your different hand, gently scoop up the again legs, and raise with each fingers, maintaining the cat stage. Then pull the cat in shut so it touches your chest.

“The extra factors on a cat’s physique which can be touching your physique, the extra snug and relaxed your cat will likely be,” says Mikkel Becker, a cat coaching guide.

By no means choose up a cat by the scruff of the neck or by the entrance legs. Choosing up a cat the incorrect method may cause the animal discomfort and even damage.

Needless to say each cat is totally different so some might take pleasure in resting their paws in your shoulder (as pictured beneath) or being cradled on their again, however do not attempt to drive a feline right into a place it is not snug with. The kitty will seemingly make its discomfort recognized — and that will likely be uncomfortable for each of you.

You will know your kitty is comfortable when he relaxes and even purrs, so go forward and maintain hugging that cat. However when he will get agitated or begins squirming, let the animal down.

Cody Wellons

No Hugs Please

Simply because you know the way to correctly deal with a cat, would not essentially imply the kitty desires to be picked up and snuggled. Cats can turn out to be very anxious or frightened once they’re not in management and have a restricted potential to flee, so do not attempt to maintain one towards its will.

Some cats might really feel unstable once they’re held, whereas others might affiliate being picked up with being taken to the vet.

Others might have been picked up — and dropped — by youngsters prior to now, so encourage youngsters to take a seat down and let the cat come to them as an alternative of scooping up the cat.

It is attainable to assist your kitty turn out to be extra snug with being held through the use of rewards and constructive reinforcement, however first ensure you perceive what variety and the way a lot affection your cat likes. There are proper methods to pet a cat.

“Being held or stroked for too lengthy might be very anxious for some cats,” mentioned Nicky Trevorrow, habits supervisor at Cats Safety. “Area and peace is commonly what they want.

As your cat will get extra snug being petted, apply selecting him up for brief durations of time and reinforcing good habits with a deal with or playtime.

Nonetheless, working with cat to assist him really feel extra snug being dealt with would not essentially imply the animal will ever take pleasure in being picked up.

Why Pets Matter to Treehugger

At Treehugger, we’re advocates of animal welfare, together with our pets and different home animals. The higher we perceive our cats, the higher we are able to assist their wellbeing. We hope our readers will undertake rescue pets as an alternative of buying from breeders or pet shops, and also will take into account supporting native animal shelters.


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