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Your hamster spends most of her time in her cage, so it’s tremendous necessary to get her the proper of bedding. Plus, a pet hamster wants bedding to dig and bury issues in as if she had been within the wild, in addition to a spot to, ahem, do her enterprise. Hamster bedding must also assist hold your hamster heat when it’s chilly out.

The very best hamster bedding is absorbent, unhazardous and odor-reducing.

“Mud and the way bedding compacts and holds up when burrowed in are each tied to your hamster’s security and must also be thought-about when looking for bedding,” Victoria Raechel, a hamster advocate, informed The Dodo. We spoke to Raechel for her ideas on what else to search for on the subject of hamster bedding in your furry good friend. Listed here are our prime picks:

Secure hamster bedding choices

Security ought to all the time be prime of thoughts when looking for hamster bedding.

Since hamsters like to burrow, you’ll wish to be sure you’re getting sufficient bedding (and filling her cage sufficiently). This will even assist stop her from chewing on her cage if she isn’t getting her little burrowing power out. You’ll wish to be certain that the bedding fills the complete cage and is ideally at the least 10 inches deep, in line with Raechel.

Examples of secure hamster bedding embody:

Aspen shavings

Aspen is the one secure wood-based bedding that you should utilize in your hamster. It’s additionally reasonably priced and absorbent, making it nice at controlling odor.

The one draw back is aspen generally sticks to the fur of sure breeds of hamster (primarily breeds who’ve lengthy hair), however this doesn’t hurt your hamster in any respect and is definitely solved by merely wiping or brushing it off of her.

Paper-based bedding

Paper-based bedding is arguably the most well-liked and broadly used sort of hamster bedding. It’s smooth and comfy, and usually is available in a wide range of colours so you may make your hamster’s cage her personal. When procuring, you’ll wish to keep away from inked and scented paper beddings, as they include toxins that may be harmful in your hamster.

One factor to think about — the softness of paper bedding, whereas tremendous comfy, can generally make burrowing a bit of difficult (delicate paper isn’t probably the most sturdy for burrowing a tunnel). One technique to fight that is to incorporate a pre-made tunnel system in your hamster’s cage.

Hemp bedding

Hemp shavings are a wonderful hypoallergenic alternative for people and pets who are suffering from respiratory issues. The fabric is smooth and comfy for burrowing (however agency sufficient to maintain burrowed tunnels secure), extremely absorbent, typically reasonably priced and good for the setting, and it’s made out of natural materials.

What to keep away from in hamster bedding

Not all hamster bedding is created equal, so it’s a good suggestion to be sure you know what to keep away from in your hunt for the proper bedding.

“Something scented, pine and cedar or unlabelled shavings needs to be averted,” Raechel stated.

Scented bedding

Whereas the concept of scented bedding could be good in your nostril, it’s finest to keep away from these in your little BFF. Scented bedding truly comprises chemical compounds that may be dangerous to your hamster’s respiratory system (bear in mind how a lot burrowing she’d be doing inside these chemical compounds!).

Pine and cedar shavings

Pine and cedar shavings are exhausting and prone to splinter into sharp items, which might damage your hamster. These are finest to keep away from altogether.

Fluffy bedding

Giving your hamster that extra-cozy, plush bedding might look like a good suggestion; nevertheless, the factitious fibers used to make fluffy bedding can hurt your hamster — that is very true if she likes to chew on her bedding since it may be exhausting for her to digest.

Finest hamster bedding

These are among the finest hamster bedding sorts we discovered, taking all the things into consideration that makes for a secure, cozy and absorbent bedding.

Conserving his pure intuition to burrow in thoughts, when you’ve discovered the bedding that works finest in your little good friend, it is best to present a deep layer of bedding (usually 10 inches or deeper), as talked about above.

Discovering the best hamster bedding in your tiny bestie may take some trial and error, however the following tips ought to allow you to discover bedding your hamster will love.

We independently choose all of the merchandise we suggest as a result of we love them and suppose you’ll too. In case you purchase a product from a hyperlink on our website, we might earn a fee.


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