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Who’s Afraid of Corvids?

Written by Mark Bramhill

Tenijah Hamilton: That is BirdNote.

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Tenijah Hamilton: Of all of the birds on the market, the corvid household — the crows, ravens, and jays — might need the spookiest repute. We name a flock a “homicide” of crows, the birds are scary sensible, after which there’s Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven:

[Spooky sounding voice]: Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”

[Lightning crack]

Tenijah Hamilton: They only really feel like a nasty omen. However this concept that corvids are spooky is way from common — it is primarily within the Western world, as corvid researcher Kaeli Swift explains:

Kaeli Swift: For instance, in lots of components of Asia, crows and Ravens are used as avatars of destiny fairly than being, , these scary issues. These have been useful beings that guided individuals to their destinies.  Even when we glance again in time by means of European cultures, we see that the connotation of those birds have modified loads.

For instance, in historic Greece, they have been really symbols of affection and marriage. And seeing a crow was a very good signal for a wedding. And they also undoubtedly have this type of spooky cultural context now, however I prefer to remind those that,  , human beings and human cultures across the globe should not a monolith. And in the event you begin to poke round, you will see these birds might need some actually completely different context relying on when and the place you look.

Tenijah Hamilton: Find out about extra spooky — or not-so-spooky birds on our podcast, Carry Birds Again. Discover it in your podcast app or at our web site, BirdNote.org. I am Tenijah Hamilton. Blissful Halloween!


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