Ray Younger Bear on Meskwaki Spirituality



Ray Younger Bear on Meskwaki Spirituality

Written by Conor Gearin

That is BirdNote.

    [Western Meadowlark song]

Ray Younger Bear, a author and member of the Meskwaki Nation, says that birds are vital to Meskwaki spirituality.

Ray Younger Bear: There’s an actual excessive regard for birds inside Meskwaki tradition itself. Birds are the primary spirits to welcome the daybreak, the brand new daylight.

    [Western Meadowlark song]

All through the seasons, they’re in all places on the bottom, in flight. And I feel that’s one thing that may go on endlessly with out ever discovering out simply precisely why birds curiosity us.

He says the reverence that Meskwaki tradition has for birds and different dwelling beings makes it important to guard them and the locations they dwell.

Ray Younger Bear: As soon as this interplay with nature and ourselves begins to falter, then our function as earth keepers in holding the songs, the music, the tenets of being a Meskwaki will now not be.

Ray Younger Bear desires extra folks to grasp these elements of animism, the type of spirituality present in Meskwaki faith and lots of different Indigenous traditions.

Ray Younger Bear: For those who perceive that every object that you simply meet with in your life, be it a rock, be it a tree, it has life. It is only a matter of you recognizing that presence and attempting to be respectful of that presence.

    [Western Meadowlark song]

Be taught extra about Ray Younger Bear’s writing on our web site, BirdNote dot org. I’m Michael Stein.


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