‘Ferret boy’ making a dwelling with an uncommon methodology of rabbit management


Sure, utilizing educated ferrets to catch rabbits isn’t a run-of-the-mill full time job, admits ferreter James Curry. However he loves it.

“After I was a teen within the UK my pals known as me ferret boy. I had an obsession. However after I moved to New Zealand years in the past they had been already unlawful,” Curry stated.

5 years in the past, destiny intervened.

“Somebody requested me to catch no matter was killing their chickens. At the moment controlling rabbits and possums with my rifle was solely a passion,” he stated.

Curry set traps for the hen killer and caught ferrets and two feral cats.

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“It turned out that the cats killed the chickens and the ferret took the carcasses to eat.”

Curry stored the ferrets, tamed them, and educated them to catch rabbits.

However the passion consumed a lot of his time that three years in the past he started charging by the hour.

Curry is now a full-time ferreter and operates his enterprise together with his furry colleagues beneath the tongue-in-cheek identify Jim’s Bunny Hunters.

James Curry owns Jim's Bunny Hunters and uses ferrets to catch rabbits and rats.


James Curry owns Jim’s Bunny Hunters and makes use of ferrets to catch rabbits and rats.

The way it’s finished

“It is a tightly run operation, I don’t simply chuck a bunch of ferrets on the bottom and say ‘do your finest boys’.”

When Curry known as in for a job he begins by letting free indicator dogs that can discover a property and present him which holes are utilized by rabbits.

As soon as he is aware of which holes are lively, he units up a web round them.

The ferrets are then launched into the holes.

Because the ferrets transfer via the underground system, known as a warren, the rabbits try to escape, however Curry and his dogs wait outdoors to catch them.

Rabbits destroy crops and even undermine the structural integrity of buildings with their burrowing.


Rabbits destroy crops and even undermine the structural integrity of buildings with their burrowing.

The dogs catch the escaping rabbits and provides them to Curry, who kills them.

“It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea,” Curry stated.

However he believes utilizing ferrets to catch rabbits is extra humane than utilizing poison, which slowly kills a rabbit over quite a few hours or days.

Monitoring collars are used to pinpoint the ferrets’ actual location. If a ferret was ever caught for some motive, Curry may begin digging and get them out.

In contrast to possums that could possibly be lured right into a lure, rabbits usually ignored poison, particularly if there have been higher meals sources round.

Poison fuel that unfold via warrens had been hit-and-miss, because it didn’t permeate large warrens, he stated.

The connection with a ferret was not the identical as with a dog, and ferrets didn’t present the identical loyalty {that a} dog would, he stated.

However with laborious work you developed the identical belief you had with a working animal.

Curry has, nevertheless, been caught on digital camera giving a ferret a kiss, and has a smooth spot for every of them.

Although that they had a run and enormous cage to stay in, in Curry’s yard, they usually got here into the home “for a little bit of a play,” he stated.

Curry stated it was ironic that he used pest animals to catch different pest animals, and in flip assist native species thrive.

He’s the one particular person in New Zealand with a allow to move ferrets.

A cute little rabbit killer, Curry says.


A cute little rabbit killer, Curry says.

His ferrets are all desexed, and anybody trying to breed ferrets faces a hefty superb, he says.

Ferrets largely lived six to 10 years in a captive surroundings. Curry’s ferrets are all about three years previous.

Curry, the ferrets and his dogs had been usually helicoptered into websites and helped authorities companies management pests. He labored on large tasks throughout the nation.

He’s particularly profitable in areas the place rifles don’t work any extra as rabbits had grow to be too wily.

Rabbits had been an actual agriculture pest, he stated.

They ate livestock’s meals, triggered overgrazing, lowered crop yields by consuming it, and in some circumstances triggered structural harm to farm buildings as their warrens undermined piles and concrete pads.

In addition they lowered the regeneration of native crops. Horses and alpacas had damaged their legs when moving into rabbit holes, Curry stated.

A rabbit warren could possibly be large. Curry as soon as put ferrets right into a rabbit gap, and so they emerged 25 to 30 metres additional away. The warren was so deep the monitoring collar couldn’t find the ferrets for nearly an hour.

On one other event a consumer used a mechanical digger to unravel a warren, however wasn’t capable of finding it, as a result of it was too deep, he stated.

Curry says you might not have the same relationship with a ferret that you have with a dog, but they are valuable pets.


Curry says you won’t have the identical relationship with a ferret that you’ve got with a dog, however they’re precious pets.

All rabbits that that Curry and his furry staff caught had been skinned, and frozen for 10 days in case they had been carrying illness.

The ferret and dogs then take pleasure in a rabbit food plan.

Ferrets’ life-style and food plan was programmed within the first six months of their lives.

This meant ferrets noticed rabbits as meals, and would ignore different species.

Curry additionally equipped rabbit meat to the Oxford Bird Rescue, an organisation that rescued hawks and falcons.


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