cease birds from getting electrocuted by and colliding with energy traces throughout the EU


A brand new research commissioned by our German Associate NABU, and compiled by Raptor Safety of Slovakia, offers an summary of the various options out there to guard birds from getting electrocuted by, and colliding with, powerlines throughout Europe.

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NABU estimates that in Germany a minimum of 1.5 million birds yearly die after colliding with medium and high-tension gridlines.

Giant species, particularly hovering birds just like the Japanese Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca), Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug), White Stork (Ciconia ciconia), and Eurasian Buzzard (Buteo buteo) and plenty of different species may be killed by electrical shocks on particular unsecured forms of masts. The chook may be electrocuted by finishing {an electrical} circuit, concurrently touching two energized elements, or an energized half and a grounded half. This might occur when the chook for instance stretches its wings and touches two wires.

Birds collide with overhead traces once they overlook the cables in time. Collisions usually tend to happen with the overhead static wire, which is much less seen than energized traces on account of its smaller diameter. Swans, different waterfowl, and enormous fast-flying birds are the most typical victims.

Saker Falcon, copyright Peter Csonka, from the surfbirds galleries

However all this may be averted. On this new research, all of the technical options out there are proven and evaluated. By following these pointers, energy traces may be an enemy of the previous for birds. In a big variety of nations, NGOs and electrical corporations have joined forces to implement protected practices with nice success. They’re a sworn statement to how folks and nature can thrive collectively.

Creating chook protected powerlines just isn’t solely essential to guard birds, however it is usually safer for corporations and people. Bird collisions and electrocuted birds could cause energy cuts, energy outages, and begin fires during times of drought.

The constant use of the very best present technical options, accompanied by authorized obligations and management in all EU nations, permits the compatibility of chook safety and the required enlargement of the ability infrastructure.

BirdLife calls on the European Fee to develop technical requirements on methods to keep away from the electrocution and collision of protected birds. These EU requirements would elevate the political recognition of the issue and enhance the implementation by the community operators. Most useful can be a uniform European commonplace. Lots of the measures collected may also simply be carried out on migratory routes within the Mediterranean or in African wintering areas.


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