Do Hamsters Want a Wheel & What Sort of Wheels Are Secure


For those who’re new to maintaining hamsters, you could be questioning in case your new pet even wants a wheel. The reply is sure; hamsters completely want a wheel and shouldn’t be housed with out one. They should have fixed entry to a wheel of their cage.

It’s best to have all of the hamster provides prepared earlier than you undertake a hamster so your new pet gained’t be with out a wheel for any period of time. In case your hamster is already house however doesn’t have a wheel but, it’s best to present one as quickly as doable. Within the meantime, let your hamster out of their cage for a minimum of an hour a day to allow them to run round of their playpen or a protected hamster-proofed space supervised till you may get a wheel for them.

Why Do Hamsters Want a Wheel?

Hamsters spend monumental quantities of time working and foraging for meals within the wild, and so they shouldn’t be denied the choice to run each time they need of their cage. Working comes naturally to them, and they might get bored and depressed with out an choice to run. To not point out the well being toll inactivity takes on them – because it does on people.

Listed below are a few of the explanation why a wheel is a necessary a part of your hamster’s house:

Prevents Boredom

Hamsters cowl a number of miles of distance each evening within the wild. It’s pure for hamsters to run round quite a bit, and it’s solely moral to permit our pets to do the identical in captivity. And not using a wheel, your hamster wouldn’t have a lot to do within the cage however eat and sleep, which will get tedious with time.


Like all residing creatures, Hamsters want to maneuver and be energetic to be wholesome and comfortable. Regardless of how huge it could be (and it needs to be as huge as doable), an enriching cage can’t change the extent of exercise a wheel can present. A wheel is a enjoyable technique to fulfill their pure need for working.

Analysis has proven that wheels are usually not solely utilized by pets in captivity – even wild animals prefer to run on wheels. Which means that our pets take pleasure in it, and it’s not simply one thing they do as a consequence of an absence of higher issues to do.

Weight Administration & Bodily Well being

Working is an ideal technique to burn energy. And not using a wheel, hamsters would primarily spend their time consuming and sleeping, and it wouldn’t take lengthy to start out gaining extra weight.

Lack of exercise may cause many well being points, resembling arthritis or bone and joint issues. By maintaining your hamster energetic, he’ll be capable of train all his muscle groups and joints, which retains his physique wholesome.

Psychological Well being

Having a wheel is crucial to your hamster’s psychological well being. Boredom and lack of train will result in stress and anxiousness in your pet. Having a wheel to occupy themselves and have one thing enjoyable to make use of up their power is helpful for his or her psychological well being and helps stop stress.

What Sort of Wheels Do Hamsters Want?

Hamsters want a wheel, however is any wheel good? Can you purchase the primary one you see on the pet retailer? The reality is that not all wheels are protected for hamsters.

Listed below are the issues to think about when shopping for a wheel.

Wheel Dimension

Many hamster cages include a built-in wheel which is much too small for even the smallest dwarf species. A wheel that’s too small causes your hamster to curve their again whereas working, which may result in accidents, again points, and different long-term well being points. 

The minimal wheel measurement needs to be:

  • 8″ in diameter (20cm) for dwarf species
  • 9″ in diameter (23 cm) for Chinese language hamsters – Since Chinese language hamsters are a bit larger than dwarf species, it’s advisable to make use of a barely larger wheel.
  • 12’’ in diameter (30cm) for Syrian hamsters

Wheel Security

Some sorts of wheels are usually not protected for hamsters and may by no means be used:

  • Wheels with metallic bars may cause damage to your hamster’s toes or different physique elements in the event that they get caught.
  • Mesh wheels are additionally to be prevented for a similar motive.
  • Hamster balls are harmful for a number of causes – They’ll pinch or break toes, they make it exhausting for the hamster to breathe correctly as a consequence of lack of air flow, and the hamster can’t correctly see the place they’re going, which disorients and makes them anxious.

When shopping for a wheel to your hamster, go for one with a stable floor. It may be manufactured from plastic, wooden, or metallic. Stable elements present agency footing, so there’s no threat of getting their toes or toes trapped.

A wheel that isn’t protected for hamsters

Flying Saucer or Upright Wheels

Alien craft can often be used throughout the free-roam time in a playpen, however they aren’t a superb substitute for normal upright wheels.

Alien craft trigger hamsters to run at an unnatural angle, so that they shouldn’t be used as the first wheel they’ll use day by day. Working on a saucer day by day may result in accidents and ache, so get an upright wheel to your hammy as an alternative of a flying saucer.


In case your hamster lives in your bed room, contemplate getting a silent wheel, otherwise you would possibly find yourself being woken up a number of occasions an evening. Hamsters will be fairly energetic at evening and do most of their working whilst you sleep, so the noise of the wheel is a crucial facet to think about.

When shopping for a wheel, search for one labeled as silent.

Which Hamster Wheel Matches the Standards?

If there’s one wheel I can suggest, it’s the Niteangel Tremendous Silent Hamster Wheel.

Niteangel Hamster Tremendous Silent Wheel – Amazon

It is available in 4 sizes, excellent for Syrians, Chinese language hamsters, and dwarfs:

  • 8.2″ in – Dwarf species
  • 10″ in – Dwarf species or Chinese language hamsters
  • 11″ in – Dwarf species or Chinese language hamsters
  • 12.82″ in – Syrians, dwarf, or Chinese language hamsters

What makes this a superb hamster wheel:

  • Because the title suggests, it’s tremendous silent
  • Giant sufficient to your hamster
  • It has a stable floor

Do Hamsters Want a Wheel at Night time?

You could be tempted to take away the wheel out of your hamster’s cage at evening in order that the noise of working on a wheel doesn’t wake you up. Sadly, that isn’t an choice, as hamsters want entry to a wheel all day and evening. They have a tendency to make use of their wheel essentially the most throughout nightfall, daybreak, and at evening.

In case your hamster is waking you up throughout the evening, swap to utilizing a silent wheel or transfer your hamster’s cage to a distinct room. Don’t take away the wheel out of your hamster’s cage, as your pet might be sad not having the ability to run when the urge strikes.

When Is It OK to Not Have a Wheel in a Cage?

The one scenario whenever you would possibly wish to take away the wheel in your hamster’s cage is that if your hamster is injured or has swollen toes, and the vet mentioned they need to relaxation and heal. In these conditions, it’s best to search veterinary recommendation.

Why Do Hamsters Like Working on Wheels?

Whereas there’s no scientific clarification on why precisely hamsters love working on wheels, we all know that not solely animals in captivity prefer it – wild animals do too.

The more than likely motive hamsters love working on a wheel is that they merely love working! It’s pure for them to run for miles and miles within the wild. A wheel is sort of a health club the place they’ll use their extra power. And in any case, train will increase the “really feel good” chemical compounds within the mind.

What to Do if Your Hamster is Obsessively Working on the Wheel?

Obsessively working on a wheel is an indication your hamster is harassed and developed an habit to working on a wheel. This will occur when a hamster doesn’t have sufficient enrichment or stimulation of their cage. One more reason could be worry in case your hamster’s cage is surrounded by predators resembling a cat or dog. Hamsters are prey animals, and so they really feel threatened when there’s a predator close by.

To reduce the stress in your hamster, do the next:

  • Maintain your hamster’s cage away from different pets, resembling a cat or a dog.
  • Present sufficient enrichment to your hamster with varied toys and tunnels.
  • Scatter feed your hamster as an alternative of offering meals in a bowl to maintain them occupied.
  • Have deep sufficient bedding so your hamster can construct burrows as they might within the wild.
  • Change to a much bigger cage.


To sum it up, sure, hamsters want a wheel, and the wheel ought to keep of their cage 24/7. As an alternative of shopping for any wheel, it’s best to guarantee it has a stable floor and is sufficiently big to your hamster. All the time go for an everyday upright wheel, and don’t use a flying saucer as a substitute. For those who’re frightened concerning the noise of the wheel, select among the many many silent wheels in the marketplace.


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