Adélie penguin: Antarctic birds with angle


Least concern (Round 7000000 stay)

Pygoscelis adeliae

Affected by:
Local weather change
, Fisheries

The Adélie is the littlest, and in addition probably the most widespread, species of penguin within the Antarctic. 

They may look a bit clumsy on land, however penguins are good swimmers. They will dive all the way down to 180m – although they have a tendency to catch their meals (primarily krill and fish) a lot nearer to the floor.

Penguins could appear cute to us, however they’re glorious predators and really environment friendly foragers. Adélies have a feisty angle too. They’ve been recognized to tackle potential predators – seals or massive seabirds – and even assault visiting researchers with their flippers.

Adélie penguins are growing in Antarctica. Nonetheless, in areas the place local weather change is established, Adélie populations have fallen by greater than 65% previously 25 years. The most important risk to them proper now could be local weather change (different penguins, like gentoos, are higher tailored to hotter climates).


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